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  1. fiba

    LPN and Care Aide

    HAHA a physician I know told me this. and I have a family member that used to be a care aide. Told me to get an RN or Psych nurse education instead.
  2. fiba

    LPN and Care Aide

    why would the LPN positions and care aide positions be considered the most vulnerable in health care.
  3. I can walk for long periods, but I think regardless I would feel it, I think most people do. I remember I was doing a shift as a security guard a couple of weeks ago. It was a 10 hour shift, most of it was standing and I felt it lol when I came home. was told though that most people would feel it too, that is why no one likes taking those shifts. I can do the kneeling, it would feel a little uncomfortable. I am not a cripple though far from it LOL
  4. fiba

    BCIT Nursing January 2015 Applicants

    does one need to be a care aide to enter the program? I have an associates in criminology and volunteer experience in a mental health setting.
  5. will having this effect my ability to be a nurse? I am physically strong upper body wise, but was told I have little cartilage in my knees. I notice standing 10 hours straight hurts my knees. I sometimes wear a brace to aid me when working standing positions or in physical activity such as sports. My other career was policing, but with that diagnosis I feel even more scared than before lol. The ortho doc told me he would not test those waters with my knees/legs. Physio said my knees should not prevent me from policing, but structurally I don't have the best lower half so I really need to strengthen and stretch the muscles around my knee. Do I have to get an office job? I have always like health care due to family and personal reasons/experiences, but chose law enforcement due to my grades and at the time I liked it. Now I am in my mid twenties and things kind of changed.
  6. anyone graduate from Stenberg College? what was your outcome?
  7. does one need to be good at chemistry and like it? In some pre reqs near my area all one needs is biology sometimes which is ok. But I have never been good at chemistry let alone physics. And the two subjects of physics and chem not only was I not good at it. I also do not have much of an interest in the two subjects. Biology seems interesting though
  8. fiba

    Douglas College Psychiatric Nursing 2014

    Neither I went to an info session and volunteer in a mental health facility. I was considering enrolling in the program at Douglas. So I went on this website and volunteered to do my research. Very unlikely I would take psych nursing at Douglas college. Too far for me. Wish you all the best!
  9. fiba

    Stenberg College

    you know what if you need to go to Stenberg College to get the RDPN then do so. I come to realize that not everyone can commute to Douglas or Kwantlen. One need to take into account that also when going to a school, like why would one take 4 hours to get to langley or 1 hour and a half to get to class. When an option is available online. Going that far for school is madness!!!!!! Yeah I bet online learning can be a hit since like I said commuting can be an issue for many people. Wish you the best.
  10. fiba

    Douglas College Psychiatric Nursing 2014

    am I the only that would have to commute one hour and a half to take this program?? by bus?? I live in Van City that is one of the reasons stopping me from entering the program
  11. I do not know what neo-kraepelinian means. will have to google or read up on that in somewhere, I know google is not the best place for information, but it's what is available at this time for me lol.
  12. awesome!!!
  13. Ok, I was wondering if those type of assessments are done by nurses. But I see to some extent yes, but not as long.
  14. Psychiatrists?? OMG that is a lot of schooling haha.
  15. Is this the work of a psychiatric nurse? do all psychiatric nurses do this kind of work? or do other professionals, do this kind of assesment?
  16. fiba

    Career Frustrated

    ooh some important information to look at there, the bolded part. Yeah MA counseling programs are expensive and the times economically can be tough, at least where I live. Sounds like you know what you want. no problem