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  1. Ok, I am a senior and I am doing my psych rotation and I have two instructors from HELL. They give us all of these assignments and projects to do but they don't explain them. Tomorrow our class is supposed to have this seminar on Adjunctive Therapies. My group has to do a presentation on Role Play/Role Reversal. My part is to actual do a role play scenario. I have NO idea what I am supposed to do because the stupid instructors never INSTRUCTED us on how to do it. I am reading about it but I need EXAMPLES. I really am freaking out! Not to mention that I am sick and have a fever and can't concentrate. Someone please help before I wind up in the psych ward myself!
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    You're probably supposed to do some kind of therapeutic communication technique. We did a verbal de-escalation of an agitated patient (didn't know at the time I'd get a LOT of experience at that later lol ). Good luck!
  4. by   MHN
    Adjunctive or complimentary therapies, try aroma therapy write script agitated pt encourage pt to have warm bath with appropriate essential oils(lavender especially good) in water patient then becomes calm end of script problem solved.
    Remember the old saying KIS keep it simple
  5. by   Kikumaru
    How about "imaging" where you have the patient recline, focus on what you are giving them to imagine while you perform massage therapy on a body part (I used to like to pick the feet). There are many pages on "google" when you enter the word massage, listing information regarding this complimentary therapy
  6. by   Flo1216
    Thanks, but that assignment has long passed. It was due in October!