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Hi all! I was wondering what the starting salary is for a new nurse grad in the psychiatric care setting. I tried searching the forums but could not find relevant information. I have my BA in... Read More

  1. by   brneyegirl01
    I am a new grad in Arizona and was hired for a pool nursing position at a Juvenile Psych facility. Starting pay for pool is $30.35/hour plus shift differentials. If I recall correctly the starting pay for PT/FT is $27-29 hour plus shift diff.
  2. by   EricaSAFJAF
    I have my ADN...base pay is 29.23...I was working nights getting diff of 3 dollars more but I moved to day shift so no diff...we're a private psych hospital and very last meeting they said our last seclusion was almost a year ago! I live in Texas and cost of living is dirt cheap here...
  3. by   302queen
    im 27.50 3.00 shift differental
  4. by   TerpGal02
    It depends on where you work. Right now I work for a non profit community agency that serves low income persons with severe mental illness. Most of our funding comes from billing Medicare and medicaid for services rendered, hence not great pay. I currently make $21 an hour. That is one of the highest salaries in the whole agency. I am about to start at a free standing private psych hospital, pay is 23/hr plus $4.00 hr shift differential. I'll be working mixed shifts. The salaries tend to be a little higher at acute care hospitals with a psych unit. Our state hospitals are salaried and I think its around 50 k per year.
  5. by   Meriwhen
    CA...where I work, new grads start out in the mid $30s.
  6. by   Jooliaghoulia
    Wow! Thanks for the tip KristeyK- I'm in Texas and have wanted to do psych since pre-reqs. I graduate in August with a BSN (post-bacc program with wierd course sequence), so the internship cycles are off. I really appreciate the lead
  7. by   Jooliaghoulia
    May I ask in which part of Texas? I'm starting the hunt for my first job and graduate with a BSN in August. Thanks!
  8. by   Jooliaghoulia
    I will check out the youtubes- thanks!
  9. by   Meriwhen
    I started off on the east coast and made $22/hr. Now in Southern CA, I make more than twice that. I think new grads out here start in the mid $30s/hour.

    I have an ADN.

    And yes, I just realized I answered this question several months ago
  10. by   bbyjam
    So.Cal..completely new to psych... Currently working as a relief nurse with a base rate of $43.34/hour plus noc shift differential.... I am not getting benefits nor VL/SL ... would love to become FT although base rate would be around $37-39/hour plus shift differential of course! I have a BSN but because I am a relief RN I do not get anything extra... but FT nurses do.
  11. by   ccayanan
    Quote from lizzyxpooh
    Im in a new grad for VA in California. Hourly is $33, differential is $6 for night.

    Pay is good but not worth it. Employees satisfaction rate is low. Yes, its hard to get fired once you pass your probation. Thats why no one does their work and its all on your license! CNAs dont do jack squat, you do their jobs; most secretaries are lazy and dont page the doctors like you asked... And guess what? They dont get written up, fired, or anything!

    Now you see why the pay is higher? California living expense is high AND your salary is doing the cna and secretary's job. :/

    Yes vacay is 5 wks. But there are NO maternity leave. Just 5 wks and a few sick days.

    just wanted to ask what was your experience in the application process for the VA? i've been applying for awhile now and I'm not sure if my app is being considered or if they're just passing through since i am a new grad. any insight?
  12. by   shahani
    I'm a fresh grad and landed a job as a Psych nurse here in Sacramento, CA. I started at 31.25 (w/o prior experience), plus $2 pm and weekend differential, and $3.00 night differential. Not the greatest pay but not too bad for a new grad.
  13. by   Nonetheless
    Southern California: $25/ hr, will go up to $37 an hour after orientation. It's good pay! $4/hr differential for nights, and we work 40 hours a week. I am very happy with this. My rent is high and the cost of living is high here, though.