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  1. brneyegirl01

    Least busy nursing job??

    I work as a 1:1 nurse in an elementary school. I spend most days doing arts and crafts with the special needs students. I have the best schedule in the world, Monday-Friday with weekends, nights, summers and holidays off... but sometimes I don't feel like a "real" nurse.
  2. brneyegirl01

    What is psych nursing really like???

    I work in a juvenile residential treatment facility for youth with drug and alcohol addictions and pysch issues. I felt I had found my calling when I was working on my psych rotation during nursing school. I never wanted to be a hospital floor nurse. There are days I wish I had the medical background of a hospital floor nurse. But for the most part our kids are healthy. I pass a lot of meds. Do blood draws and take care of patients with diabetes. I do intake assessments. I patch up kids after they have gotten into fights, and I take care of their injuries from the gym. Sometimes we have kids who return from surgery. I don’t get to practice many “nursing skills” but I have yet to have to clean up any bodily fluids. I am learning the art of therapeutic communication though. I do hand out a fair share of bandaids, crackers and water. Most days I love my job. I truly enjoy working with the kids and seeing them progress in our program. Then there are days when someone is DTO/DTS and life on the unit becomes pretty stressful. Sometimes they will just go up and down the halls kicking and punching walls, yelling and knocking over trash cans. When we cannot get them to de-escalate we have to put the kids into a CPI hold. Sometimes this activity sets off other kids on the unit. When we have to put a kid into a CPI hold it is hard on everyone. They kick, scream, cry, yell, spit and try to bite the staff. While injuries to staff are not that common, they do sometimes happen. I love the moments when I feel like I might have made a difference, even a small one. I have comforted kids who were missing their parents because CPS took them out of the home. I have given compliments to many girls who have never had positive reinforcement from anyone. One girl told me that no-one had ever said anything good about her and her face lit up when I complemented her. A big part of my job is role modeling appropriate behavior. I am new to psych nursing but I hope this gives you a picture of what I deal with on a daily basis. Most of our kids have been kicked around, beaten down, homeless and neglected. They just need someone who cares enough to help them through the hard times. I try to make each one of them feel valuable.
  3. brneyegirl01

    New Grad Salary

    I am a new grad in Arizona and was hired for a pool nursing position at a Juvenile Psych facility. Starting pay for pool is $30.35/hour plus shift differentials. If I recall correctly the starting pay for PT/FT is $27-29 hour plus shift diff.
  4. brneyegirl01

    how can I find a job in china? (current american)

    I live in a smaller tier 2 city that does not have many expats. Shanghai may have more options for finding work. I was told by the director of our local medical clinic that I would have to pass the equivalent of the Chinese NCLEX in order to work as a nurse in China. She is also a nurse but cannot work as a nurse in China. You might look at the website for International SOS to see if they have any positions in Shanghai that might interest you. All of the nurses at the clinic we go to are Chinese. The only other thing I could think of is trying to find work for an international company looking for an occupational nurse, I don't know if the rules would be the same. I don't have any idea what the pay would be. If you are going to be living in Shanghai for a long time it might be worth looking into getting credentials in China. There are a few teaching hospitals in the city I live in that allow a certain number of foreign students in each year. With Shanghai being a bigger city you might have more choices. There are a couple of good expat websites... I think one is Shanghai expat, these sites have a lot of good info as well, you might post your question on there. Good luck with your move to China! Shanghai is a great city! Living in China is a great adventure.
  5. brneyegirl01

    Correctional Nursing

    You comments about working in the hospital really make me think it would not be a good fit for me! This is what I struggle with in moving back to the US! I worked at a school part time before I got the job at the corrections facility. I loved the kids and the schedule, but the job was not very challenging at all. We are actually in China. My husband is an engineer here, we are moving back to the US next June and I am counting down the days:) Many thanks to your husband for serving our country! You deserve thanks as well! I would imagine military life is much like expat life, you have your own "club". My favorite advice... I am sure I read it somewhere on this site. When you work in a correctional facility you know who the bad guys are, when you work in a hospital or other setting you have no idea. My brother is a nurse and he has taken care of gang members when rival gangs came looking for him... with only a "mall cop" to watch his back. At the facility I worked at we actually trained right alongside the CO's. There were a few other goods books on Amazon...but that one was my favorite. Good luck, if you have any questions I can help with feel free to send me a message. Theresa
  6. brneyegirl01

    Correctional Nursing

    I am also a female RN. I worked in a correctional facility housing men and women. It was my first full time job working as an RN after graduating from nursing school. I never wanted to be a floor nurse in a hospital. At the correctional facility there was always something new and different. I liked the autonomy, although it was a bit intimidating at times being a new graduate. I always felt secure, even though we did not carry radios. Most of the prisoners were very respectful of the medical staff. Let the CO’s do their work and you take care of yours. I read a great book called “Games Criminals Play”. It gave me some good insight into the criminal mind, and it also gave me ideas on what to watch out for to be sure I was not pulled into one of their traps. My husband took an overseas assignment, so I have not worked for the past 1.5 years. Now I am working in getting my BSN. I am now debating whether to go back to corrections, or try to get a job in a hospital so I can get some experience. Overall I enjoyed corrections nursing and I would probably go back at some point in the future. Good luck!
  7. brneyegirl01

    Nursing Schools in China

    Not sure if you will still see this reply as the post is old. I am moving to Dalian China and they have a teaching hospital. From what I have gathered they do accept some number of foreign students each year. It is called Dalian Medical University. Good luck!
  8. brneyegirl01

    how can I find a job in china? (current american)

    We are moving to Dalian China in 2 weeks. I was told that I could not work as an RN in China unless I pass and Equivalent to the Chinese NCLEX. We are only going to be there for 1.5 years so it is not worth my time. Going to work on my RN-BSN instead. If you are looking to study the Chinese language Pimsleur is one of the best for learning the proper tones. You can usually borrow the first part of the series from your local library. On another note... the company my husband works for is contracted with ISOS which is an international healthcare company. You might contact them about job options, although they are the ones who told me I would have to pass the "Chinese NCLEX" you might get some different information. Good luck!