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Does someone get diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder at the age of TWO?? I read this on another American board and my eyes nearly popped out of my head! :eek: Like that! This just... Read More

    If all else fails , then medicate them.
    I have seen even around different places in the world I have lived that some parents rather have thier children sedated to modify thier behavior then deal with them. Sad but true.
  2. by   zydis
    I had never seen children dx with Bipolar Disorder until several years ago. Yes, even at age 2! I think this is atrocious and they are put on heavy - duty medications as a bandaid treatment rather than teaching parenting skills and providing therapy. The insurance companies love it b/c it is much cheaper to give a pill than to pay for treatment. The label of Bipolar Disorder gets reimbursement, as does ADHD. In my opinion, many of these children suffer from PTSD and have been traumatized or have witnessed horrific abuse, come from families that are so dysfunctional that they are doomed. It is easier for the family to have the child the "IP" than acknowledge or do something about their own behaviors. Most of the medications are not FDA approved for pediatric use. Like someone else mentioned, most have not had a neuro workup and medical eval prior to initiating meds. Everyone is looking for a quick fix. This is frightening and to say the least, shoddy "treatment." I worry about the child's neurological development after giving some of these potentially toxic meds. How can we [as a society] risk our most prized commodity? These children are our future.