Do Yiou Wear Scrubs in the Milieu?

  1. We wear civilian clothes. I'd rather wear scrubs. What's the idea behind wearing regular clothes on a psych unit?
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  3. by   GooeyRN
    When I worked in a psych we work street clothes. We were told that it helps the patients feel safer and were able to trust us better if we looked like them. I feel that scrubs are more comfortable for take downs, but I do think that scrubs would put a barrier to effective communication.
  4. by   NPAlby
    At my faciltiy most staff wear street clothes. I wear scrubs though. Nothing hard core like whites, sometimes I mix and match between street clothes and scrubs. I worked on a geri-psych floor which pretty much forbade scrubs. I thought that was kind of silly considering the patient care that was involved, we had tube feeds, blood work, enemas and a bunch of other stuff I wouldn't want to do in my "regular" clothes. I'm at a state hospital and I don't think it has impaired in communicating with the clients. I actually saw nurses wearing open toed shoes and capris this summer. How is that more professional than my clean and neat scrubs? Like I said I don't see the uniform being a barrier. I think it enforces my role as the nurse on the ward. I'm 29 but look a lot younger. I want my patients to see me as a professional not as their peer. Very important when you're dealing with sex offenders, borderlines and anti-socials.
    My two cents. Thanks for listening!
  5. by   nursekelly217
    I work in substance abuse treatment center and we can wear basically whatever we want. Some of us wear scrubs, some wear bus. casual and some come in wearing sweats that look like PJs. I wear scrubs (with many alcohol pads and gloves in my pockets) and my stethoscope at all times... not only is it easier for the pts to identify the nurse, I am more prepared for the emergency in the caf or the overdose in the lobby. We have many homeless alcoholics who end up needing help showering, etc.. it just makes sense.
  6. by   2002MissRN
    At our facility, day and evening shifts mostly wear street clothes. Most nurses on night shift wear scrubs and the techs wear street clothes. I work on an adolescent unit and the kids love the scrubs. I try to wear scrub tops that are seasonal (can sew a little and make my own). Even the teenage boys make appropriate comments on them. Personally I like the scrubs, they are more comfortable, require less maintenance, and usually cost less than street clothes. Also they have more pockets..good in the psych field because you don't want a whole lot out in the open for the patients to grab hold of. The hopsital really doesn't make a big issue out of it as long as it is not revealing and you are on time.
  7. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    We wear scrubs. Techs wear green, nurses (LPNs and RNs both) wear maroon, and the therapists and treatment managers wear navy.

    I've found that being able to point patients to the appropriate staff based on the color of their scrubs made things less confusing for them. But then they also confuse us with each other because apparently we start looking alike if we wear the same color clothing.

    I like scrubs personally because I don't have to decide what to wear, they are comfortable, cheap and easily maintained.

    But then, I've never been accused of being a slave to fashion, I just know what I like.
  8. by   Harleygirl
    Hi all.
    I work on a 9 bed geropsych unit and we all wear scrubs except for our social worker, director, and activity coordinator. I prefer scrubs, especially for the stuff you *might* get into!! I would rather stain or tear a pair of scrubs vs. street clothes.

  9. by   Wolfpax
    looooooove my scrub tops depending on the day of the week will wear them with black jeans or blue on the weekend. The louder the print the better (lots of Hawaiian ones)... my patients comment on ones that they like in particular (especially if I'm wearing animals), everyone else gets mistaken for a doctor when in street clothes... as a matter of fact one of the patients asked me if he could speak with the doctor that gave him his meds (I told him I wanted to be part of HIS insurance co. that had the money to pay a Dr. to pass meds, but I digress)... I can't remember the last time I wore all street clothes or even WHY I did working in psych.