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  1. 2002MissRN

    I need a travel buddy!

    i lived in gaithersburg, md (not far from washington dc) and i loved the area, really nice during the summer and the winters weren't that bad, a little snow but do-able. lived there before i started traveling. the sights are fantastic....i especially loved going to the museums (all of them), the washington monument and even did a tour of the white house before all the security really tightened up. the clubs (if you are into the night life) are nice and and the ones in georgetown (expensive) but are great. i would love an assignment in md. i'm not looking for a travel buddy at the time, my husband has been able to spend some time with me at all my assigments. however, good luck with your search!!!
  2. 2002MissRN

    O Grady Peyton and Preferred Healthcare

    our staffing services are marketed primarily to two distinct customer groups: (1) healthcare professionals and (2) hospitals, healthcare facilities, and physician practice groups. we use a multi-brand recruiting strategy to enhance our ability to successfully attract healthcare professionals in the united states and internationally. we market our staffing opportunities to healthcare professionals under recruitment brands that include american mobile healthcare ®, medical expresssm, nursechoice® indemand, nursesrx ®, preferred healthcare staffing®, med travelerssm, rx pro healthsm, rn demand®, rn extend sm, o'grady peyton international®, staff care® and merritt, hawkins & associates®. each brand has a distinct clinician focus, market strength and brand reputation. i was curious about this thread and done a web search just typing in companies owned by amn healthcare and found the above info included in a report. i know when i filled out the on-line application, several recruiters called me and everyone said to go with the first person i talked with because they all use the same assignment database. i know on my paycheck stub it reflects o'grady-peyton but my bank (direct deposit) shows it from amn healthcare. i am currently on assignment with "o'grady-peyton" and my recruiter has been excellent to work with. he calls me at least once a week and keeps me updated on potential future assignments and just to see how i am doing. i was really impressed with that. now whether i continue with them will depend on what they have available that fits in my time frame. anyway hope this helps a little............
  3. 2002MissRN

    Emerald Healthcare Staffing

    Hey, I haven't done any traveling with Emerald but have talked with a recruiter there a few times, he is really nice. I believe he told me they only do placements in CA and FL at this time. I do psych and the one he contacted me about in FL was a psych position, just didn't fit into my time frame.