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After only a little over a month working in a state psych facility I felt I needed to quit. Care was terrible, they left elderly patients on the floor, huge gaping wounds were left open because the doctors wouldnt come see them, broken hands left untreated.

This is my first psych job, as well as my first nursing job but I am shocked and horrified.

Who do I call to report this?

If you can tell us which state & county you're in, we can give you a better answer. For California, each county has an ombudsman program that you can report to, or you can report to the state level (800-231-4024); if not them, then local law enforcement should be contacted. Also, in California you need to file an SOC 341 complaint form as well. Phone call should be done within 24 hours & SOC 341 should be done within 72 hours.

Good luck.

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I hope that doesnt ruin your perception of psych. Find a better facility. I work for a large nonprofit christian based organization and I love it! Patients are our number one concern as it should be. If we even suspect anything is wrong we send them out to a hospital we are affiliated with.

Contact your local Protection and Advocacy office. Every state has one. Here's a link NDRN Member Agencies You can also contact your state's health department or similar office. Many states have an ombudsman for mental health. Just google for your state.


I'm sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience. As Topaz said, please don't let that ruin your perception of mental health.

In my state, you would need to contact Social Services and the Department of Inspections and Appeals. What you are describing is abuse and needs to be reported accordingly.

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