propranolol/inderal for shaking during skills at clinical


I'm doing great in school and in clinical. But I came to giving my first shot and my body trembled. The second was just as bad. Then the catheter- the poor man didn't know what my shaking hand was doing holding his genius. Next semester is I'vs so I can't be shaky my question if anyone has tried inderal and if so how much and did it help

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I actually have. I would advise you to see your PCP.


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This is something you should discuss with your PCP. You can do some research about off label uses for propranolol before you bring up the issue, so that your doctor is not likely to just brush you off.

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You really need to discuss this with your PCP. No one here knows your medical history nor can we reasonably give you treatment/ medical advice. Do your research and make an appointment

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Per our terms of service we can't provide medical advice.

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