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I'd like to start a program for teen parents. My church is willing to allow me to do this under their license (or whatever it is they call it for churches).

I did clinical with a program called Nurse family partnership. It's a great program a Nurse is assigned to a mom and dad (if dad is involved) the nurse visits the family once a week from 20 weeks gestation until the child is 2 years old. They teach the kids how to take care of them selves and the baby, help with birth control, school, and just about anything they can as well as keeping an eye on them.

The problem is that they won't take most of my teen moms because they have already delivered. I've made about 15 referrals and only 2 of the moms I sent to them were accepted. All of the Mom's I have asked if I could refer have wanted to get into the program. I hate to think that they are dealing with such a big responsibility on their own.

Id like to do the same thing but Id like to take any teen parents and also include some bible study and prayer.

I know of one nurse besides myself who would donate time and a few others who might.

Anyone know what I need to do?

Do I need a Doc to consult?

Do I need a special license?

I don't think I would be doing much in the way of medical interventions. I might do measurements, leapold maneuvers, FHT's (if I can get a Doppler), and I would really love to give birth control after delivery.


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Hi, Dayray! I would like to know more about the program you were involved in. It sounds great, and right up my alley! I'm in nursing school right now but I'm thinking about things I want to do when I'm out and that sounds like the type of program I'd like to be involved with. Please send me some more information about that...I'd like to see if there's something like that in my area.

Thanks!! And good luck with your program!


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I think this is a SPECTACULAR idea, and have been thinking along the same lines myself. I'm wondering, though, if you would need an NP license to do the whole birth control thing? I think there may be some legal issues involved here, especially if you will be doing any check-up type services; for instance, if something is missed by you or your associates and the pregnancy has a negative outcome? I would be afraid that the girls may see your services as something in lieu of regular physician or midwife visits, and that could come back to bite you later. As for the birth control, I think you may need at least a certified NP for his/her prescriptive ability, and ultimately, I'm sure it depends on the state you live in. I do NOT think that any of these things should stop you, and while you are researching how to make this program more comprehensive, you and the church that is supporting you could CERTAINLY do many things to help these girls out, such as counseling, referrals, making appointments, TONS of education on MANY various topics, from bonding to how to deal with babies who won't stop crying to newborn care to birth control, etc. If the church has a van, you may be able to offer transportation to clinics on certain days, or something like that- in our area, the teens just don't have a way or the means to get to appointments. They can be very unmotivated, and we all know what this can do to a pregnancy. I commend you for being so determined with this, and I hope that you can get it off the ground. Good luck!


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GREAT idea Dayray; I have no words of wisdom or advice,but want to encourage you this way. I think it sounds SUPER!

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