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  1. I have a male coworker who is intimidating me, who is violating my personal space and when I ask him to move he tells me nobody's doing anything to me. This is not the first instance of I've had with this man, I've tried to take it to my boss and I'm told that that's just the way he is and not to take offense. I feel threatened and unsafe in my work environment. I have attempted to move to other roles within my department to limit my contact with this man In the past four shifts that I have worked with him twice he has effectively pinned me in a corner while I was on the phone with a patient standing so close to the back of my chair that his clothing was touching my body I had no chance to escape When I asked him to move back he refuses tells me he's not doing anything and I need to relax. He reads over my head, accessing patient information that doesn't pertain to him and violating patient's rights. I asked my manager for help and she told me that I'm destroying morale in the department. I have made every effort to limit my contact with this man, I work different shifts if I can, I volunteer for other departments, but nearly every time we work together he acts aggressively or he demeans me, he picks fights, he stands over my shoulder, he won't leave me alone. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job. I'm an LPN currently in school for my RN I have 1 year left and can't afford to lose my job. What can I do without being labeled as trouble? I fear retaliation.
  2. jdstga

    What do RN's do that LPN's can't?

    Hi, I have been a LPN for about 15 years in two states (MA/NH) and have worked Med/Surg, LTC and out patient ambulatory. On my Med/Surg floor I could hang blood, load & operate PCA pumps, start/maintain IV lines push most IV medications, daily dressing changes, wound care, caths, EKGs, bladder scans and more. The biggest difference we found on the floor was I could take, write and carry out the verbal order however I could not sign off the order in the chart (paper chart days) I could not be change nurse, but having an RN charge nurse allowed me to take admissions, and complete head to toe assessments. It the LTC setting I could be charge nurse/supervisor, maintain and pull PICC lines, take,write, carry out and sign verbal orders, administer medications scheduled and PRN and complete head to toe assessments just no blood products because not something LTC usually does. Now as an ambulatory care nurse I can triage both in person and on the phone, along with the other things mentioned. I did need to take extra classes, get certified in the IV, blood products and triage.

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