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  1. TonyaMarie

    Media: Where are the Nurses?

    It took a pandemic to make the world see our presence and appreciate our work. But our moment of glory was short lived. Unfortunately, the entertainment business continues to see us as second to MDs even with the rise in the number of nurses with a d...
  2. TonyaMarie

    Offensive Raise Structure

    That's interesting. Has this method worked? Perhaps it's too soon to tell. That's interesting. Has this method worked? Perhaps it's too soon to tell.
  3. TonyaMarie

    Offensive Raise Structure

    Yep, you said it correctly, it sounds like they are trying to drive away the nurses with more seniority because they are probably costing them more when it comes to benefits (pensions, retirement, etc).
  4. The SARS-CoV-2, aka COVID-19, was first discovered in 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has killed more than 742,000 people in the United States and 4. 9 million people worldwide. The pandemic has placed a tremendous strain on our health care system. In the ...
  5. Florence Nightingale's Mission: Holistic Health If Florence Nightingale were alive today, there is no doubt that she would be the President of a nursing program at a university or the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) at a large health system. She wou...
  6. TonyaMarie

    Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC)

    I know your post was written over a year ago but I wanted to know if you were able to find out what you needed to know about transplant coordination? I've been a solid organ transplant coordinator for 11 years and certified for 6 years and am now ser...
  7. TonyaMarie

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    There is a lot of negativity here against leadership. How about becoming a leader (without the title) to support your leader and things will work better from the bottom to the top. I'm a 20 plus year veteran nurse and I've had about 1 or 2 bad leader...
  8. TonyaMarie

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    I recently got promoted to a nurse manager within my department and I'm going to tell you what my mom told me, "Make new friends at the level you're on." Shortly after starting I realized that my teammates (now my employees) will never understand my ...
  9. TonyaMarie

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    I am on the late freight with answering this question. I haven't read the other comments but I've worked in solid organ transplant for 11 years and it's a 6 figure job in most states with the certification/BSN included. Now if they are young and just...
  10. TonyaMarie

    How To Get Started As A Nurse Writer

    Hi Tonya, what kind of writing are you thinking of? Many of us here do different types of "gigs". I'm a blogger (my own blog) and have blogged for other sites as well (paid by the article). I also do content development, procedure reviews, and serve ...
  11. TonyaMarie

    How To Get Started As A Nurse Writer

    Thank you for your information. I joined the American Medical Writer's Association (a suggestion from someone's blog) a few months ago and am overwhelmed with the amount of information and have no idea where to start. All the seminars etc. are physic...