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  1. Speaking as a former nursing home employee - everything is true. Nursing homes are terribly understaffed. One of many reasons we should push for safe, adequate staffing.
  2. kjb_lpn

    Why Do We Continue to Harm Patients?

    Speaking as someone who had made certain mistakes, and one in particular that involved a lapse in my own judgement which cost me dearly, I feel that safety should always be our number one concern - whatever branch of nursing we are in. I agree with ...
  3. kjb_lpn

    It Never Occurred To Me.

    That is such a sweet story. As a nurse who was a CNA and has pretty much seen everything, that was a very kind consideration for him to take.
  4. kjb_lpn

    A patient spit in my face

    First - let me say that I am sorry that happened. Second of all; I would go to the nursing manager about the situation. Explain that you don't want anyone to get in trouble, but you want to express your concern. The nurse should have taken the time t...
  5. kjb_lpn

    Dropping the "Nurse Card"?

    One thing I have pesonally noticed is the mutual respect law enforcement and nurses seem to have for one another. And of course - always remember - "It's the nurse that decides the size of the needle and the catheter." LOL
  6. I have worked as a nurse for three years, and I have gotten sick on occasion. However, remember that many aspects of nursing do not require direct patient care. I work from home as a care coordinator. I make a good wage with great benefits working f...
  7. kjb_lpn

    Nurses' Week - Upended.

    I feel, honestly, that night workers in general, be they nurses or a law enforcement officer like my husband, don' often get acknowledgement they deserve because of their shift. It sounds like your HCS like so many now just cares about dollars. You ...
  8. "Decide to be fine till the end of the week... keep grindin'." -Dean Winchester
  9. I would speak to the family and your employer to work out the best solution. Explain your situation and what you wish to do, and ask how everyone will be okay working this out. I wish you well!
  10. ... that they're on the floor.
  11. kjb_lpn

    Utah Nurse Wubbels Reaches $500,000 Settlement

    I am pleased for her. Remember me, will ya Nurse Wubbles?
  12. Speaking after reading a decent part of the court documents, as well as coming from a Christian perspective here are my two cents... Do I think some of accomidation asked for was slightly excessive? Yes. Does the Church teach not to receive/give vac...
  13. kjb_lpn

    Nursing is the Biggest Mistake of My Life

    Oh sweetheart - please don't despair. Not yet. Graduate. Pass your NCLEX and you will surely have more options. If it makes your feel any better at all, I graduated as an LPN and waited to pass my NCLEX but once that happened I was hired almost righ...
  14. kjb_lpn

    Nursing @ 32?

    Honey - I FINISHED nursing school at 32. One of my best friends and classmates was 50. Go.
  15. Oh - I would have a few choice words for him if it were me. Hold your ground honey. He isn't even in school yet. Tell his backside to be patient while you so do this thing. Wish you the best in school! One LPN to a future one!