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  1. grizun

    Almost fired for med error

    Serves you right for reporting it. Snitches get stitches, even if you snitch on yourself. The doc changed the order. No harm no foul.
  2. grizun

    Pseudoseizures in the ED

    We laugh in their face and tell them to quit faking it.
  3. grizun

    New ER Fellow/PCN

    sup baby?
  4. I hate republicans, but I cannot disagree with this law.
  5. grizun

    First code experience

    I've always been able to separate my emotions from the work. Often, after the fact, when the patient doesn't make it and I'm speaking with the family I'll feel bad for them, I empathize with their pain, but I've just seen so many die in front of me that it doesn't phase me, yet I don't think it ever did.
  6. grizun

    Is there a good site to use for drug cards? Best Drug Book?

    Mosby's Drug Guide for Nursing Students: 978
  7. grizun

    Paramedic and nurse?

    Most paramedics I know are freaks in the bed. Go paramedic route.
  8. grizun

    Why are you listening to the heart?

    In the ED I work at now is a nurse, with whom I also worked at in the ED where I was told to stop listening to heart sounds. This nurse doesn't even own a stethoscope. I am not exaggerating. I'm not sure how one assesses the effectiveness of breathing treatments, etc, without one, but I've worked other EDs where I never saw nurses with this vital piece of equipment.
  9. grizun

    CPR - I need a myth buster!

    Really, OP needs to read a book. OP would then understand things like overdrive suppression and why it's ineffective when the ventricles take over, etc.
  10. grizun

    Adult gero vs acute care

  11. grizun

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    What are you talking about?
  12. grizun

    Increased blood pressure. What to do?

    Had the patient been working with PT just before having vitals checked?
  13. grizun

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    Perhaps you've heard the expression "the fish rots from the head?" Toby has created a culture where nurses have no say and are expendable. Why do CCF nurses wear all white? Because Toby says that's what the uniforms will be in spite of every Clinic nurse I know not liking all white. Gets dirty too easy. At Metro, on the other hand, the nurses voted on their uniforms. Totally different culture. Some people prefer a totalitarian regime. The majority, however, prefer a democratic system. And free speech. Just not here.
  14. grizun

    Cleveland Clinic VS University Hospital

    I don't reveal where I've worked.