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  1. How did you guys apply for more than one choice? I thought we could just upload the cover letter with our first choice unit?
  2. ellme

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2019

    Hey guys! Anyone else apply for MICU at Grossmont? Im internal and also am completing my Internship in the unit. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet!
  3. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    In the summer cohort this year people were admitted right after our semester started, so who knows if spots are left or if people will choose to not attend, so it can't hurt to try!
  4. ellme

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN Summer 2017

    Hi guys! I had applied for Fall 2017, but I got an email this morning offering me a spot in the summer program. Do you guys happen to know the start date of the summer cohort? I am trying to figure out if I can make it work with my work schedule. Thank you!
  5. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    Hey canlas! My friend talked to one person that is in the program and she said working is definitely doable as long as you are focused. She said that the didactic classes are usually only once a week. And once clinicals start that those could be 2-3 days a week
  6. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    Anyone know when we should expect acceptances??
  7. ellme

    3 Years into B.A. - Best Way to NP from Here?

    If it were me, I would finish my BA then go for the ABSN then MSN program. Or you could finish the BA and then go into a masters entry level program where you can go straight into a MSN with the BA, if you are looking to be done faster. To me I would feel as if all the classes I took and being so close to the BA it would be somewhat of a waste. Plus, if you are close to a bachelors why go backwards to get an associates? Also, in most places getting a nursing job is going to be easier with a BSN. I think that an extra year or so is definitely worth the extra degree. Just my opinion and what I would do if it were me.
  8. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    I don't think it really matters. I don't think you need to pay to send your scores. On the application it has you attach your scores, and I just attached the score report that was sent to me there. I hope that helps!
  9. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    Hi Caorlaeu! I got 45 points
  10. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    It was sent in an email. I know someone else who applied at the same time as me and hers actually was completed before mine and she hasn't gotten hers either. I believe everyone is assigned to a specific advisor who then does the evaluation, so some advisors just might be slower I assume.
  11. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    I just received my eval this morning! I submitted my application in late January, and it was completed in the beginning of February. So they are starting to come out, good luck to everyone!
  12. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    I agree with that. Loans scare me. I got my first degree without any debt so I'm super hesitant to take out that much money (really more than that with other expenses). But I mean it's our carreer right? That's what I tell myself
  13. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    Caorlaeu if you get 40 points, you should definitely get an acceptance to San Marcos! By the point system I think I should have around 45 points.
  14. ellme

    CSU San Marcos ABSN Fall 2017

    Hey everyone! Where else have you guys applied? I only am applying to San Marcos. I think evaluations could start going out at any time, if applications are complete, Ive seen in the other forums that they have received their evals before the application deadline. But actually finding out about acceptance probably won't be until April. Do you guys have an idea of about how many points you think you'll have?
  15. ellme

    GPA/HESI/TEAS Score when accepted?

    I haven't been accepted yet, but with my program I am confident I will be. My GPA for prereqs is around a 3.8 and overall a 3.56. I got a 96.7% on my TEAS