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  1. I'm a new grad currently living in Texas and looking for a job. My husband is an active duty Army officer and we're being told he may be stationed elsewhere next year. When I was in nursing school my favorite hospital for clinicals was one of the local HCA hospitals. I contacted their recruiter and asked her if their residency has a military clause. She didn't answer my question and instead told me to ask another recruiter which she CCd in the email. That recruiter told me that he'd be happy to give me that information if I just call him. I called him multiple times and got no answer. So I left a voicemail. A day went by and he didn't call me back. I emailed him and told him what happened. He apologizes and tells me he'll call me. He never called me. Finally got in contact with him today and he went on and on about why they have 2 year contracts. He asked me if I'd be able to stay for 2 years and I say "I would love to, but my husband may or may not have to relocate next year" He tells me that unit directors prefer people who are in his words "loyal" and still stick around for 2 years and that it's something I should ask them. Of course, I do not want to go through the whole hiring process just to find out this simple answer. I tried calling the main HCA number, but when I was transferred to HR and ethics I was sent to voicemail. Does anyone here know the actual answer?
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    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    Thanks I will do that. My biggest concern is that he'll try to approach me again in class. I won't be able to "save" anything he says to me there and that might make him think it's okay to be even bolder towards me. If that's even happened to you, how'd you handle it? If you don't mind sharing of course.
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    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    Gotcha. Thanks! If anyone else wants to give some advice, please feel free to add on...
  4. tulipsupontulips

    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    Would it be overkill if I told someone at the school about this? Just in case he continues to do it in person they'll know that I already had a problem with him prior to the beginning of school.
  5. Hi all. I start nursing school in January. I'm a member of a facebook group for my nursing cohort in order to keep up with new information. I also use it to befriend future classmates. In my personal life I'm very happy. I'm in a serious relationship and have been for the past 6 years. 3 weeks ago, one of the guys in my cohort shot me a facebook message. He asked me where I bought my stethoscope. Not anything out of the ordinary for me because I've been approached by future classmates before, only difference this time is that he's a male. But I thought "Eh he got into a very competitive BSN program, so I don't think he's flirting with me. I'm sure he's a mature guy and just wants to get to know people in the cohort..." so I replied to him. He sent me his number so I could text him. Yes, I'm aware this is where I should've drew a line, but I thought he would keep things professional and texted him anyway. My intentions were to keep things friendly, just like with all the other people I talk to in the cohort. He did keep things very professional for the first 2 days. He told me I could go to him if I had any questions because he already knew someone in the program. Then on the 3rd day, he suddenly says "We can study together as long as you don't distract me ;)" I quickly shut him down by telling him "Trust me I won't" and he changed the subject immediately. On Thanksgiving Day he texts me "Happy Thanksgiving!!" I was puzzled because I don't really know the guy well enough to receive a message like that from him. I didn't want to be rude so I replied back "Happy Thanksgiving to you too!" and he says "Oh sorry that was for someone else" at that point, in my opinion, I felt like he was bothered by the fact that I didn't give into his flirtatious text and he wanted to make me feel inferior by telling me the Thanksgiving text was for someone else. Because who takes back a Happy Thanksgiving text even if it was a mistake? I didn't reply to him at all. He texted me a few days later to discuss some things about school. I made some small talk in order to slowly distance myself. Every now and then he talks about himself, but he likes to boast a lot. He mentioned to me "Yeah I live across the Maserati dealership" and "I don't know what I want to do when I graduate... I just want to make tons of money" definitely didn't want to associate with him anymore. He also sends me photos/videos of random things he does daily... like pictures of his lunch, unboxing videos, pictures of his calendar, pictures of him driving home. I ignored his pictures and videos and he continued. Yesterday I told my boyfriend about the problem and he said I should cut him off slowly... no confrontation because it's not a good idea to make enemies in nursing school. Right after we had that conversation, the guy from my cohort sends me a text at midnight. The text said "Hi" I was already creeped out by him, but this made it worse. My boyfriend said "Don't reply... once he figures out you're not going to respond, he might try to ask you a school related question in order to get back to a safer topic" and that is exactly what happened. He texted me again 20 minutes after the other text and asked "Hey do you have the paper that is needed for the school badge?" He makes me uncomfortable. As an adult woman, I've had many encounters with clingy men and the red flags were similar to this. This guy will be in my lectures and labs so I can't just get away from him.