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  1. cin808

    Abandoning Ship

    Thank you. I really needed to hear that.
  2. cin808

    Abandoning Ship

    Thank you.
  3. cin808

    Abandoning Ship

    I'm coming to realize that I am not cut out for this profession (54 yo, licensed for 12 months). We are faced with this crisis and I am not up to the task. I've been sick with URI 3 times in 11 weeks--I'm catching everything. Cancer tx ended 17 months ago and it's taken its' toll. I'm dealing with some GI issues and I'm terribly out of shape. I am also very concerned about catching this virus. I feel that if I catch it, it will be the end for me. I have asthma and am prone to pneumonia. It's hard to accept this reality. Of course I'm feeling awful about leaving my fellow nurses behind. I'm just off orientation feel a sense of loyalty to them but I'm just not ready to die. They are mostly much younger and from what I can tell, much healthier. I will be jobless and poor but hopefully alive and if I can recover from the sense of guilt for failing and abandoning my coworkers, I hope to resume private duty cases and sub school nursing. I'd love to hear your thoughts.
  4. cin808

    Off to a Bad Start

    I started a new PT job in juvenile corrections. I had to call out the 2nd day d/t a horrific migraine causing me to vomit. I asked supv if I could make up the day the next day, she said OK. Two weeks later I come down with a very severe cold. I'm in work and I ask supv if I could come in on thurs instead of wed to give me a chance to recover. She was hesitant but agreed that would be OK. Two weeks later I get the slammed with the FLU!! I sent an email explaining this and asking once again if I could rearrange days. The reply was "unacceptable....we've done this multiple times. Let me know if this job isn't going to work for you." I replied that I understood and that I wanted to make it work and I would do my best to be there. With a stroke of luck I improved the next day and showed up for my scheduled two days. When I saw the supv I explained that this was not typical of me and that it's been an unfortunate few weeks. That night I get a text from supv saying they had a call out and could I come in the next day. I replied "I really would love to but I'm still not 100%. Can you see if anyone else is available, if not, I will do it." 30 minutes later, she says no one else can do. My heart sank because the reality is that I was still really not well. I ended up calling her and saying, I really need time to recover, but how stupid did I look by saying I would do it and then saying no? Truth is, she hadn't really contacted everyone else and so I feel like she was testing me. Of course I'm feeling awful about how things have started off at this job. I guess this was more of a rant and the only thing I can do is try to prove myself going forward but it's created extra anxiety as I feel like everything I do will be scrutinized. Help!
  5. cin808

    New RN: Let’s Talk About Staffing

    I wish I had the answers to your questions. What I didn't get into in my first response is that I am also a new nurse having graduated Dec 2018. Our paths are similar. I also worked/work at psych facility and worked in subacute. I resigned from subacute after a very short time. I'm most likely not returning to psych facility either. It's too dangerous. A doctor was recently stabbed in the head with a pen. I've lined up a few "flu shot clinic" shifts with agencies in the area and waiting to hear back about a longer term gig doing flu shots. It sounds somewhat boring but I'm happy to add the experience to my resume, and of course get paid while I look for work elsewhere (I'm interviewing with Red Cross to be part of mobile blood drive team. I already know, after a very short time, that I'm not keen on bedside (for reasons you mentioned and others). I like less traditional nursing jobs). What you describe (falsifying MAR, TAR) is causing you moral injury as I'm sure it does the same for many nurses but most just go along with status quo because they feel powerless. I wish I could advise you in this area but perhaps you just need to keep looking and ask the HARD questions when you interview. You may have to go on dozens of interviews to find a job that aligns with your moral code. You sound incredibly intelligent. Maybe you should conduct a study on this issue? Who knows where that could take you. If you don't already, follow "ZDogg." He preaches about moral injury in healthcare and also does very funny parodies that help to lighten the burden of working in this field. He also preaches about what he calls "Health 3.0" which is attempting to "re-personalize" medicine. Perhaps reach out to him with an email about your concerns and see if he has any advice. I do hope that more experienced nurses will reach out and respond to your questions. Best of luck to you.
  6. I interviewed for a position on 8/29 and have not heard back. I sent a "thank you" email within 24 hours and a follow up email two-weeks later. At the close of the interview, they did say that it can take "some time" to hear back from HR. I called HR and they told me to check the job portal to see if the position is still in progress. The problem with that is that the job I applied for, is not the one I interviewed for. Sigh. I called them back and they were unable to offer any other assistance. Do I send yet another email to the staff that I interviewed with? If so, please suggest some content. Thank you in advance.
  7. cin808

    New RN: Let’s Talk About Staffing

    What is being asked of you is impossible. I didn't last two months in a sub-acute unit of a rehab facility. No amount of "time-management" is going to make up for a gross short-fall of nurses. I don't know how long facilities are going to keep up with the revolving door of nurses before they finally get it that they can't get by without MORE nurses.
  8. I've been on a leave of absence for a medical issue for 8 or 9 weeks. I am supposed to be returning in 6 days. I made up my mind that I would not be returning to the position for several reasons. I want to resign in good standing to leave the option open for rehire on another unit. At this point I would not be giving 2 weeks notice....how might this affect my chances of rehire? This is not the norm....I wasn't sure how to handle it in this case.
  9. cin808

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer/Fall 2019

    Good luck to all of you. I've been selected for a recorded question/answer session type interview for a residency in DE. I'm happy to just have been selected for this first round. My concern is my age. I'm 53. Have any of you heard of residency programs hiring in my age range?
  10. I feel your pain. I came on here now because I'm stressing about the 3rd exam of my final semester that I took today. I have worked so very hard to get this far and I'm stressing because this may be the first test that I failed. My program requires an 80 to pass. I currently have an 85 but with this test I'll be lucky to still have an 80. I've never had to go into a final exam needing a certain grade to pass the course and I don't know how I will deal with the stress. Again, I worked so hard, put my schooling before so many things, including time with my kids. I was treated for breast cancer during the 3rd semester and felt like nothing could stop me. I studied my butt off but there was something like 700 slides for 50 questions! I am hoping for an 80 but thinking more like 76 or 78. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Good luck!
  11. cin808

    need advice: new RN with doubts

    "Warmer ice" : ) LOL!!
  12. cin808

    Perplexing Text Questions

    A patient has had a hemorrhagic stroke and was just evaluated for dysphagia by a speech therapist. Which rehabilitation order should the nurse expect? Initiate oral diet Teach the patient to use the affected extremity to eat Provide a nutritional supplement to correct nutritional deficits Initiate oral feeding with the head of the bed elevated to 30 degrees I am growing more and more discouraged with our curriculum materials. Does the patient have dysphagia or not and why should I have to guess? Perhaps the clue is "rehab order" and I might have felt confident in that however, there have been other questions in this program where the question asked to choose the appropriate therapy and the answer was CT scan. Since when is that a therapy? Yikes. The test questions/answers often contradict the textbook. Any educators evaluating Sherpath for your program....look elsewhere. It's obvious 2 and 4 are incorrect...but I'm supposed to surmise if the patient has dysphagia or not?
  13. cin808

    Dispute test question??

    A SATA question on a recent exam listed a patient's PAO2 as 52. I don't remember the question but we had to reply with what the interventions would be. One of the responses was to give oxygen via nasal cannula. I didn't select this because my thoughts were that if a patient's PAO2 is this low, then a more intensive intervention would be called for, such as oxygen via rebreather mask, not cannula. I did bring this up to a professor and he said you would start with cannula and go from there. Agree or disagree? I, unfortunately, haven't found any information that says exactly what you would do in this scenario.
  14. cin808

    Recording Lectures

    I use my phone and I typically have my laptop so I keep it charging that way. Recording lectures is so helpful! I can study while I'm driving and doing household task. I love it!
  15. cin808

    How do you feel about B's?

    I strive for "a" for the same reason. I'm a much older student...I'm older than many of the parents of the people I go to school with...LOL. For that reason, I truly feel I need to set myself apart when it comes to job seeking.
  16. cin808

    How do you feel about B's?

    Our nursing classes require B - 80% or better. They will round up 79.5.

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