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    Still working as a CNA with RN license - resign?

    A new grad program started in June 2019 and I could have been a part of it and thought my director would vouch for me but I think it’s because they’re short nursing assistants but quite honestly I’m over it I didn’t complete nursing school and pass nclex to stilllll be a CNA. I see all these other folks I’ve gone to school with get their RN positions. Thanks for your advice. I gave my notice to HR.
  2. I currently work a magnet hospital as a nursing assistant. I started here about 6 months ago and my director knew that I was going to graduate from nursing school in a few short months and we talked about starting in the new grad program they have. I graduated in May and passed my nclex the first week of June. I had applied to a few new grad positions the following week. I did mention my applications to my director and she kind of brushed it off and said "at least you have a job" and "We've had a CNA that waited 8 months to become a new rn with us, its worth waiting" I felt a little brought back however I listened and continued working there as a CNA as I applied to other hospitals. Two months later and I haven't heard back and my application status haven't changed. I have been offered 2 new grad positions at other hospitals and I accepted a new grad RN position elsewhere than where I currently work. I start in a few weeks but I am having a hard time not feeling guilty about leaving my current workplace. My new job offer is a New grad position and on my dream unit in the ICU. Advice on how to resign as a CNA? I plan to give them well over two weeks notice so I don't burn any bridges but I have a feeling my director won't take it too well. I don't understand why I feel guilty. Anyone else experience anything similar? Thanks for any insight!
  3. Hello everyone, I am a new grad just passed my nclex in June. I currently work at a hospital in Southern California that offers a new grad program however the start date and details have yet to be decided. They’re thinking the new cohort may begin in October-November but it’s not set in stone. However it’s a year long residency program and have heard pros/cons from nurses that completed the program. Obviously I’d love to start here but I don’t like that I’m unsure when I’ll start. I’m still working as a CNA which I can’t complain a job is a job right? On the other hand... I applied to another hospital- it’s much smaller and part of a big corporation where I completed clincials at and landed a new grad ICU position and will begin in August. I know I want to be a critical care nurse and I’m so excited about this opportunity! I’ll feel bad leaving my current facility but I am excited to start. Any advice? New grad in the ICU? I just need some insight thanks.