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Catherineann BSN, MSN, APRN

Sleep Medicine
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Catherineann has 16 years experience as a BSN, MSN, APRN and specializes in Sleep Medicine.

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  1. Catherineann

    Locked into a specialty but now want urgent care

    Same! Sleep NP here With 2 years of experience. seriously considering urgent care. I worked in urgent care as an RN and loved it. I’ve heard very good things about the Hippo Urgent Care Boot Camp. It’s not inexpensive however and so I haven’t bitten the bullet yet. I’ve been listening to the free version of their podcast and it’s been helpful.
  2. Catherineann

    New grad FNP - Health Risk Assessments?

    I have been doing HRA’s for about 6 weeks via telehealth. My hours at my FT job we’re cut due to covid and so thought HRA’s would be a nice supplement. I went into it with about 2 years of specialty NP experience and it’s been fine. The patients (Medicare) have been lovely. I’ve definitely enjoyed that part of it and I’ve definitely become a better history taker. Financially this job was just a mistake. It likely depends on the company but mine provided iPads to document with which has proven to be a PIA and takes far longer than it should. I’m constantly getting charts back requesting addendums for missing items which were not missing at all. We get graded on the accurateness of our charting and so these bogus addendums kill your score. The company created their own software and it often dumps info from the chart. There can be a TON of technical issues on the patients end which kills your time. Basically I’m making half of the hourly pay due to how long it takes to document after the visits. it may be better with in-home visits, but I would steer clear of the outsourced telehealth ones.
  3. Catherineann

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Unfortunately moving is not an option. I'm seriously considering going back to teaching and picking up some hours on the side at an urgent care to keep my license and maintain my skills. I honestly feel that there should be some sort of minimum on the number of years someone works as an RN before they can apply to NP school. That would not only help control the influx of NP's, it would increase their knowledge base. In addition, it would help to keep RN's at the bedside a little longer, improving the problem of having a lack of seasoned nurses that hospitals (mine included) are experiencing.
  4. Catherineann

    FNP boards pass rate by school

    Hi, I'm curious if anyone knows if there is a site that lists boards pass rates by school? I can find pass rates by states, but nothing as specific as by school. Thanks!
  5. Catherineann

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I'm in my last month of my post-masters FNP program and am feeling quite discouraged about my decision. I came to the realization that there are too many of us when I was trying to find preceptors for my rotations and had to make literally hundreds of phone calls to find someone who didn't already have an NP student. There are 10 FNP students in my small community hospital alone and some of them have only been nurses for a short period of time. I've been offered a specialty job that pays significantly less than my job as an ICU nurse. When I told them what I currently make as an ICU nurse with 14 years of bedside care experience, they were shocked. In addition, the benefits are far better at my current job. I'm feeling quite deflated.
  6. Catherineann

    St Joseph's College of Maine FNP program students

    Following. I begin the Post Masters FNP Certificate program on Feb 1st.

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