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    Crap...now what?

    The bigger concern I'd have, if I were you, is why I was sitting at a 79 average? Am I not understanding the material? Am I trying to cram for exams? Do I need to brush up on my test taking skills? All of these issues will come back to haunt you in nursing school....addressing them now will serve you well!
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    Crap...now what?

    True, but not passing the NCLEX means you won't be a nurse (at least until you pass it) Theoretically there is a practical exam.......it's called clinicals. Clinical instructors aren't supposed to pass any student who isn't safe. I disagree with lottery based admissions. I think it just promotes a "good enough" attitude that does not serve the profession.
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    Any news from RCC fall 2011?

    I'm going to guess that there are many, many schools that use the abbreviation, RCC. You may want to narrow it down, and maybe even post this in your state forum.
  4. that may be, but all my classmates are on fb....that's where we share information and get our questions answered. i do have a linkedin account for professional networking, but if the audience you're trying to speak with is not using that tool....it's not very useful. as far as prof's though, i wouldn't friend a prof until after i graduated. i just don't think it's appropriate.
  5. I've looked at a number of those sites....all the information was wrong (the closest one of the sites got was where I lived 20+ years ago the rest didn't even have that). As long as you take reasonable measures with your data as far as giving it out, the risk is minimal.
  6. Censoring is really just about using common sense. There's things you'd say to your friends in confidence, sitting in your kitchen that you may not say at a wedding reception filled with your friends and family. It's just about remembering who you're talking to. As for "giving my data to FB" all they have is my name and e-mail address...and I control what they send to the e-mail address, I'm not worried. :)
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    any nurses or nursing students who's into fitness?

    What time do you have clinicals? We need to be at the hospital at 0630 and I'm already getting up at 0500 for that....your schedule would have me getting up at 0300...
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    Who pays for your pin?

    We have the option to buy one of several different levels of quality of pins (gold plated on up through 24k). The cheapest option was around $35.
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    Cruise SHip RN?

    Generally family can cruise for a very discounted rate (like $30/week) on a space available basis.....but no, they generally can't just live with you onboard.
  10. Actually, you can set up your facebook account so that it can't be searched for....makes it even easier.
  11. I got a two pack of penlights from wallmart (in the automotive section) for a dollar. I'm not worried about the penlights lasting for years and years as my hospital also provides penlights for staff.
  12. I'd say it's the other way around. My whole nursing class is on FB, and we help each other out there all the time. I know of folks in my class who created an FB account to stay in touch with other folks in our class. AllNurses stopped being useful for me once I got in to a nursing program.....as, it doesn't really matter how an anonymous poster puts together a care plan, it matters what my Prof's want. If anything, I see more wrong information than right here on AN.
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    Irritating Classmates

    I just found the post amusing so I responded....not sure what the big deal is.
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    Irritating Classmates

    Yup, you got it exactly right, just a "Debbie Downer," who only likes posts about "peace and sunshine" very insightful. Thanks for informing me of my choices...you left one out, I can choose to reply, and you can chose not to read it. Have a great day.
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    Irritating Classmates

    You mean you looked at her with disgust and she didn't immediately see just how wrong she's been and beg your forgiveness? Astounding!!!! I'm sure that someone, who means nothing to me at all, looking at me with disgust would make me rethink all my life's biggest choices... I haven't read the whole thread, but I wonder if one of the posts speaks about this annoying classmate that turns around and looks at her when she answers questions in class. Sheesh, life is far to short folks...
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    How much reading is required?

    It's not uncommon for us to be responsible for 10 - 12 chapters per week.
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    Mixed Emotions About Nsg School

    To be fair though, as I'm assuming your husband brings different experiences, skills and talents to the table than you do......you don't know that he doesn't take different teachable moments that you did. The other thing to consider is what an amazing example you're being for your kids. You're physically demonstrating just how important you think education is....right in front of their eyes! Who better to talk to kids about the importance of homework and getting it in on time, than a Mom who is also a student? Your kids (more the older one, but the younger one will know more later about this) will see the benefits of setting a goal, and then working hard towards that goal....and finally you'll share the joy of achieving it with them! Talk about a bunch of teachable moments! I wish you the best as you pursue your education!
  18. In my BSN program we do over 1500 hours, with the last 600 being a 6 month preceptorship.
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    How to explain homeostasis

    Homeostasis is the dynamic equilibrium itself.
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    Hanging dopamine and preventing accidental bolus

    I know nothing about NICU, but I'm curious.....Are you using an IV pump, or is it a gravity bag (counting gtt/minute)? I'm confused because I see you mention a roller clamp and a start button.....our IV tubing has one or the other (roller clamp on gravity bag but not on plumb tubing for the pump).
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    I couldn't care less who went to class when. This isn't about the value of lectures. The problem is getting someone to sign in for her on a regular basis....essentially lying by saying she was there when she wasn't. Then lying again by signing in her friend when she wasn't there. If she doesn't value the lecture, be honest: don't go and don't have someone sign you in.
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    Seriously, why do they come to class?! shut up already!

    Have you tried speaking to them out of class or on a break? I'd likely try that before disturbing the whole class by asking them to be quiet loudly.
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    Getting withdrawn because of a pre-req. Dispute?

    I think we're dancing around terminology, as each program is going to say things somewhat differently (ie we don't have "core courses" just pre-reqs and nursing courses). In my program, if you don't have a pre-req done by the specified term, they would withdraw you from the program. Nursing courses are taught once a year, so if you had the pre-req done in time for the next time the course is taught, and if there was a seat available they would re-enroll you. But they would still call it withdrawal (as opposed to expelled, in which case you can't come back).
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    Getting withdrawn because of a pre-req. Dispute?

    As per the OP this was a Pre-req class....so the only thing in the nursing handbook will likely be: Student's can't progress past X point without pre-reqs being completed. But as has been said before, the OP should speak with their nursing program and see if they can retake the speech class.
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    Getting withdrawn because of a pre-req. Dispute?

    There may be more to it than what you're saying....but nothing you've posted indicates a bias of any sort. I can't imagine why whether you passed or not would matter to him one way or another. From what you've said, he failed you because he thought you were unprepared for a major class assignment. Whether you consider it an important class or not.....the school evidently think's it's important enough for you to be withdrawn from nursing school. That would make it important for me.