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  1. Ok so I accepted an offer for a new graduate position 2 weeks ago. Its Robotic surgery oncology (med surg). I like that I live closer to it, its an interesting unit. It pays 24/hr with a 2.65 night differential and a raise @ 6mo. I loved the manager and the unit wasn't too shabby. However, another company has offered me a position (med surg oncology). I don't actually care about the money aspect, but this job does pay more at 26/hr with a 4 differential. Its downtown so the traffic would SUCK. However, they are a Magnet hospital, and there was a point in time where I was actually a patient here so I do have some history with this hospital and I really liked those nurses. However, I am not sure what to do. I didn't think the Magnet hospital would actually offer me a position too because they don't hire many people. I like both hospitals, and I don't want to burn bridges. Both positions start in 2 months. I would take my nclex in one month
  2. So in my home city there are two main hospitals. I got hired on an oncology med/surg unit. This hospital has a 2 year contract, I'm friends with someone who also got hired so I'd at least know someone, it is for-profit, and they do pay ok! I accepted. The thing is, the other main hospital in my city is a magnet hospital, there is no contract, they pay slightly more, they are non-profit, and it's slightly closer. Their applications open up next week and they're having a career fair that is very good for networking and getting hired onto their unit. The position I would be looking for would be your standard med/surg unit. Would you go? Having already accepted an offer?
  3. Bunsbuns

    Should I take this job?

    So I talked to a recruiter for a hospital. She asks me "What are your main specialty interests" I tell her "I REALLY want Intermedicate care/Progressive care/Stepdown ICU, and if not I also liked med/surg!" So she offers me an interview for med/surg last week. I got the job offer today! I was excited, but then I saw that IMC literally opened up their applications today for the exact same hospital. So now I'm kind of frustrated because I told this lady that I wanted IMC. Had I known that the applications for IMC were going to open up A WEEK later, I would have applied for those positions first. So I honestly don't know if I should even take this med/surg position, knowing that she didn't even give me a chance at the other position. Don't get me wrong I am extremely grateful to have been offered a job. I just feel like the recruiter was holding out on me. What should I do?
  4. For my first job I am in between two options: Option A: Stay at home, have ZERO bills, other than student loans, work in a Magnet hospital that is recognized to be a great non profit hospital. Cons would be that I don't want to live in this city AT ALL. But I'll at least be by family. Option B: Stay in the city that I LOVE, work for a hosital that is for-profit, I keep hearing its a good hospital (not quite magnet), pays slightly better, and keep on paying rent/bills/student loans as usual. Which would you choose and why?
  5. Bunsbuns

    Did they ask for your GPA, yes or no?

    Hi so I'm also in Texas! In the Houston area finishing up my last semester also. I have been hearing that Houston job market is pretty rough after Harvey, plus a hospital just closed in League City. What area/large city are you located near? Because I'm wondering if its the entire state
  6. So I am in my last semester of nursing school when we are supposed to be hustling and bustling to submit our applications all over the place. Long story short, my GPA sucks :/ I work so much, and I always volunteer so I can promise I am a competent person and I love working with people during my clinicals. My grades just don't show it unfortunately. So to my nurses out there, and to my fellow students who have already applied places: Did the place A. Ask for your GPA, and B. What specialty did you apply to?
  7. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Spring 2018

    Hello Spring 2018 Class!!! I am a current 2nd semester at UTMB. First of all CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who got accepted I am so proud of you!!! The reason I found this forum is because I have a roommate moving out. Basically, I live at Ferry road apartments which is this apartment complex about 7-8 minutes away from campus. You can either drive to the free lot and walk to campus like most people or you can take the bus straight from the apartment. My rent is 440 a month for a 2 bedroom x 1 bathroom. I do NOT have to pay for water/electricity/gas etc. But I DO have to pay for the washing machine rental and internet (of course) so I'm hoping to find a roommate to replace my roommate moving out. The only conditions I have are a cleaning schedule. I know it can get stressful so I don't expect a perfectly clean apartment all the time. But I am adamant about following a cleaning schedule. So if you're a female looking to move in within the next month, please respond to this comment and let me know!!! Thank you! Congrats again to you all.
  8. Bunsbuns

    Struggling through nursing school

    I know every program does things differently, but I feel like I got the horrible luck of the draw. I am in a 16 month program with clinicals every semester and about 14-15 credit hours a semester. I'm only in my first semester and I'm having trouble passing some of my classes. Of course I knew nursing school would be very difficult, but its when I hear some of my peers say things like "UGH I was 1 question away from an A" while I'm over here barely passing that make me feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong. The thing is, in high school and in my prerequisites at Jr. college, I was used to doing really well in all of my classes. All it took was studying, maybe some all nighters. In some rare cases, I could get away with procrastination. However, in nursing school: it seems no matter when I start studying, how hard I'm studying, if I read the book, or if I make study guides, I just can't pick the right answer. There's always two that I get stuck between and I pick the wrong one. I enjoy the hands on part of clinical so I know I'm gonna love nursing. I don't have test anxiety and I'm not doubting if I'm a smart person because I was smart enough to be accepted to a program, right? Has anyone else ever been through this? And are there some strategies to being a better test taker?
  9. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Summer 2017

    I got my acceptance this morning! Could cry, I'm so ready for the new year ahead of me. Congratulations everyone who got in and good luck for every one anxiously waiting.
  10. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Summer 2017

    Mine was 12/06 and they told me 3 to 4 weeks. Looking at last years thread, most people knew right before Christmas. So I'd give it around two more weeks
  11. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Summer 2017

    Yeah I feel like that's always a good sign. It was like us having a conversation and not so much her asking me a list of questions.
  12. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Summer 2017

    No this lady was probably middle aged? Not too sure
  13. Bunsbuns

    UTMB Summer 2017

    Hi all! Just had my interview Tuesday 12/6. I had to submit my application very close to deadline because I only recently learned about nursingcas and their unique transcript process. So everything went through thankfully! And I received an email last Wednesday offering me the times for (what I'm guessing) was the second wave of interviews from 11/30-12/14 My GPA overall is a 3.7 Teas V score was a 83.3 I'm pretty sure I'm done with all my pre-reqs so I am currently just waiting like everyone else. My interview lasted around 20 minutes (which sounds alarming considering I saw how long some other people's interviews were), but at the end, my interviewer said "I'm excited to see you in my class :)" so I'm still nervous because you can never be too sure with these type of things. My biggest fear is that I'm wait listed!!! I'd still like to know for sure. Good luck to all!