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So I talked to a recruiter for a hospital. She asks me "What are your main specialty interests"

I tell her "I REALLY want Intermedicate care/Progressive care/Stepdown ICU, and if not I also liked med/surg!"

So she offers me an interview for med/surg last week. I got the job offer today! I was excited, but then I saw that IMC literally opened up their applications today for the exact same hospital. So now I'm kind of frustrated because I told this lady that I wanted IMC. Had I known that the applications for IMC were going to open up A WEEK later, I would have applied for those positions first. So I honestly don't know if I should even take this med/surg position, knowing that she didn't even give me a chance at the other position. Don't get me wrong I am extremely grateful to have been offered a job. I just feel like the recruiter was holding out on me.

What should I do?

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You can reach out to her about your interest in IMC, but be greatful for what you got. Unless you are in an area in great need of nurses, then you can afford to be too picky about your position. But again, it doesn't hurt to contact the recruiter. Let her k ow you saw the open IMC application and would really like to be considered for that position before accepting the med/surg spot.

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