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    ATI Fee

    My school charges $289 per semester. Money grubbing scumbags. I can honestly say it has helped me in no way. It covers things out the cope of my class.
  2. After being out of school for many years ,I decided to go back to school fall 2016. I just finished my first semester at Kingsborough Community College. My main interest is nursing so i aimed for the pre-reqs and completed intro to psych, english 1, intro to sociology and a remedial math (intermediate algebra) that i had to take to be eligible to take bio classes ... Somehow i managed to pull 3 A's and a high grade on the remedial math putting me at a 4.0. The remedial math put a semester behind to take bio (A&P 1) and now they are saying i wont be able to apply to take the teas v unless i take a Sci 2500 class , which i can only take in a regular semester after i complete A&p 1. Then i would have only a possibility of getting in the nursing program spring of 2018 ...... I was going to take statistics math and intro to literature class over a 7 week winter to knock out some bsn pre reqs . But the idea of doing a year and a half before i can even attempt to get into a 2 year programs seems ridiculous. Would is make sense to transfer out in spring to another program that doesn't require the sci 2500 ...like medgar evers or bmcc?? and if i don't make the cut for that fall class, transfer back in and complete the the sci 2500 in fall? I dont know anyone that wet through a nyc nursing so i am short on advice. any suggestions would help, thank you.