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  1. sflava

    COHN-S Study Materials

    I realize that my fellow occ health nurses continue to take the COHN-S exam, so bringing this thread back from the dead with hopes of helping others besides myself. So far I’ve found a handful of review materials and courses: 1. OHN Prep Course by the University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins University. Offerings range from $600-$1000, with some options including practice test questions. Online. http://learn.chwe.ucdenver.edu/diweb/catalog/item/id/5011443/q/t=8865&c=61 2. Annette Haag’s Occupational Health & Safety Principles and Nursing Certification Review for $600. Online. https://erc.ucla.edu/course/ohn/ 3. ABOHN’s Handbooks and Certification self assessment tests: https://www.abohn.org/certification/cohn-cohn-s-eligibility/handbooks (free) https://www.abohn.org/cohn-s-volume-1-0 ($100) I haven’t used any of these but considering how much money some of them are, I hope anyone out there can comment on any of them. Also, I just completed a MSN as a primary care NP with a specialty in occ health. Anyone out there who did an occ health nursing graduate program and think that some of these review courses are overkill, and the graduate program courses provide enough to pass the COHN-S exam?
  2. Thank you, @juan de la cruz and @Babyboss 19 for your advice! What you said makes complete sense to me. I went ahead and got RN liability insurance, given my situation and I'm starting the job right away. However, if anyone else has experience or advice with this, even it differs from what's already been posted here, please do share.
  3. I am a recent NP graduate and plan to help with the COVID effort by giving vaccines until I get an NP job. I got the vaccine RN job through a staffing agency, who has placed me at a large hospital. Neither entity will provide malpractice insurance. Does anyone know whether I need NP malpractice insurance since my highest license is NP? Or is it sufficient to have RN malpractice insurance only since the vaccine job will only entail RN scope of practice? The annual premium difference is double: ~$350 for RN coverage only or ~$720 for NP coverage. Also, my intention is to just carry the RN coverage until I get an NP job, when I would cancel the RN insurance and get NP one.
  4. sflava

    SFSU ELMSN Fall 2017 Cohort

    Thanks @_mcdmcd! Pretty excited, yes. I'm hesitant to share my stats because I don't want to make you anxious. I know we all want to compare ourselves to others to gauge the probability of getting an interview or an acceptance but in my experience, all the schools, SFSU included, truly take a holistic approach to the process. Nursing schools are keen on building a diverse cohort--diverse as in work, volunteer, and life experiences. I was worried that my undergrad academic record wasn't competitive so I applied to a handful of schools, and I'm now finding that the schools really did consider my entire application and not just my GPA and GRE scores. So stand proud! ok, getting off the soapbox now...
  5. sflava

    SFSU ELMSN Fall 2017 Cohort

    @aposseadesse, and everybody else who hasn't heard anything, don't give up hope! I just reviewed the email we got immediately after the Feb 1 deadline and it says, "Full application evaluations will follow the initial screenings; and then applicants may be contacted mid/late March for an in-person interview to occur during the weeks 3/27/2017 or 4/3/2017." I'm wondering if the timetable got pushed out, which means interviews will happen the weeks of 4/3 and 4/10. Since I heard about my interview this week for the week of 4/3, perhaps more invites will go out next week for the week of 4/10.
  6. sflava

    SFSU ELMSN Fall 2017 Cohort

    Hi everybody, I got invited for an interview. I received the invite via email on Tuesday in the afternoon. Did you check your spam boxes? By the way, i'm just joining the thread and want to comment on several people's posts about the lack of participation on this thread. For one, it was difficult to find this thread. I wasn't sure if I needed to enter SFSU, SF State, San Francisco State. Then I didn't know whether to do ELMSN, MEPN, etc. So maybe others had the same problem and just can't find the thread...easily. And the other reason may be that the number of applicants to this program is 100-150, if my memory is correct. Schools like UCSF and USF get 300-400 applicants. I might expect, then, that this thread would have 3x less participants.
  7. sflava

    UC Davis MEPN 2017

    I'm also working on the essays for the secondary application and have been struggling for a week. I agree with everyone that there is major overlap with the essay prompts on NursingCAS, so I've decided to use parts from my NCAS essay in the secondary one. The hard part for me is that within the secondary essays, there is overlap. The Statement of Purpose asks us to talk about our interests, specializations, and career goals, but then there is a separate essay on Future Interests or Goals. Then the Personal History Statement asks us how we are prepared for success in grad school, yet the Statement of Purpose also asks us about our preparation and motivation for grad school. How are you approaching all this overlap?