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alaskanmommyof3 is a MSN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. Hello! I was accepted into the Fall 2020 PMHNP program at Wilkes University last week. I received an email about filling out the FAFSA, but I was under the assumption that certificate programs are not covered by federal student loans. Also, I was attempting to register for classes, but when getting into the portal, I am unable to sign up for classes, let alone seeing what my study plan is. Is that because I have to take part in one of the Zoom meetings first? Lastly, is there a facebook group that we can join? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi dfinefish, I haven't spoken with anyone in the financial aid office yet, but it looks like I'll be taking out loans for first 15 months, then hoping to get a fellowship and some scholarships for the rest. The tuition is a little steep at $50,000 (I know Yale's Direct Entry MSN is over $75,000), but then there are some accelerated BSN programs that are $30,000-45,000. I suppose it just depends on what you're willing to spend.
  3. Yay!!! Congratulations!!! I have three girls 5, 4, and 1 1/2 year old. I'll be moving down from Alaska in late May/early June to the area.
  4. Just got my acceptance email!!! So excited!!! í ½í¸Š
  5. That's awesome that your application was verified on NursingCAS today! While I'm waiting, I did get an email from Marquette this morning to get started on CheckMarq, so hopefully that's a good indicator of the future. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Hi Abrazel, I just spoke with Rob today, as I was offered to apply March 6th as well and he told me that they haven't opened the early decision process and that as soon as they do, he will be giving me a call. I have not been to the Pleasant Prairie campus, as I'm here in Alaska. How is it?
  7. I haven't had much luck with getting any feedback from current students. I'm all the way in Alaska, so I haven't visited the Pleasant Prairie facility in person, although I have been to Marquette University on a few occasions as my husband is an alumnus.
  8. Hi FutureNurse518! It looks like there's a lot of "buzz" for the main campus cohort starting in August. I'm getting my packet together after the new year and hoping to have it all together by the end of February, although I know ours isn't due until April 15th. Have you been in contact with Rob in Pleasant Prairie? Let me know if you have any questions and I can help you out the most I can.
  9. Hi! I'm in the beginning stages of putting my application packet together for the Fall 2017 Direct MSN Hybrid program at Marquette University. So far, I have been very pleased with the conversations that I have had with Rob Haworth, the admissions advisor for the Pleasant Prairie site. My husband completed his undergrad at Marquette, so I know the wonderful culture of Marquette and knew that this was where I wanted to go to complete my MSN. Also, I was wondering if there was anyone that has or is currently going through the hybrid program through Marquette? How has your experience been? Thank you!

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