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Wilkes University Post-Master's PMHNP Certificate


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Hello! I was accepted into the Fall 2020 PMHNP program at Wilkes University last week. I received an email about filling out the FAFSA, but I was under the assumption that certificate programs are not covered by federal student loans. Also, I was attempting to register for classes, but when getting into the portal, I am unable to sign up for classes, let alone seeing what my study plan is. Is that because I have to take part in one of the Zoom meetings first? Lastly, is there a facebook group that we can join? Thank you so much!


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Hello there!

I am starting in fall 2020 as well for PMHNP. Yes you are not able to register because you first have to take one of the registration classes. Also the school will be registering your first classes - I believe you will receive a call to review your individualized plan of study.

Pertaining to financial aid, most certificate programs do not have that option. However, I believe that with the pandemic, some accommodations are being made as well.

There is another thread where you might get more information - see below.

Wilkes postgraduate PMHNP program fall 2020

Wishing you the best!


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Thanks for the information, I also got accepted for Fall 2020 PMHNP and went through the orientation class. I was told that I would be registered for classes after the orientation class but I still do not have access to my classes. If I am not mistaken, I was informed by admission counselor that financial aid will cover for the certificate program and she encouraged me to apply. I do not have facebook but I would like to keep in touch with anyone in the PMHNP program.


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I was accepted into the Spring 2021 Post Masters PMHNP certificate program. Any tips from those who have already started?