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  1. hukneeb

    Is there a time limit on taking the NCLEX

    Every state is different. In Texas, the time limit is 4 years from when you graduate, and I believe it is unlimited how many times, but each time is at least 45 days apart. HTH... Good Luck! I took mine 3.5 years after graduating and passed the first time... everyone told me it was statistically impossible, but I did it! So can you!
  2. hukneeb

    NY Online License Verification

    I tested Dec 1, 2016. I got the "good" pop up the next day, which was the only time I tried it. The quick results confirmed I passed, and my license was added to the BON website today, 12/6. Congrats everyone!
  3. hukneeb


    Are you reading the rationales on your your practice exams? I really think this is a key to passing the NCLEX-RN, because it helps you "think" like the test.
  4. hukneeb


    She said (6 hours), which is the maximum amount of time. Maybe I misunderstood, but that's how it sounds to me.
  5. hukneeb

    Remar review study plan

    I don't have any experience with the review you are speaking about, but I can tell you what worked for me. I graduated 2013... so over three years post graduation with no other medical background (work as a waitress)... I took and passed my NCLEX-RN on the first try! Way back at the end of nursing school, I attended an information session/ teaser type thing for one of these companies that sells high dollar reviews, and received the most valuable information. The instructor said, no matter what program you go with, stick to only ONE main review source. Basically, less is more... but use it completely! A lot of people make the mistake of obtaining an obundance of materials and aren't realistically able to do each one cover to cover... and it's too overwhelming to try to study multiple sources. I have also noticed many posts from repeat test takers that say something to the effect of not understanding why they aren't able to pass since they are using x,y,z materials, and list several. Personally I did over 2000 practice questions online with Saunders 6th edition (a newer version just came out).. I read every single rationale, even if I got it correct. I did most of it in 10 question practice tests, then reviewed the answers immediately. I also sometimes read the questions out loud to whoever was around and we discussed and selected the answers together, lol... my 15 & 8 year old might be able to pass the nclexí ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚... jk... but really that helped a lot! & you'd be surprised because they're dying to know if they picked the right answer, lol. I also watched every YouTube video from the user called registerednursern... many of them multiple times! I swear I had YouTube nursing videos playing continuously in the background at home at all times... but when I was in study mode, I sat and took notes, as if I was in the classroom. There are a few users that were really great, but that's the main one I can remember right now. Honestly by the time I sat for my test Dec. 1, I felt like I knew more than I ever learned in actual nursing school! Statistically I should not have passed this test this go round, especially since my son fell ill and was hospitalized that week, and I also picked up some kind of viral infection...so over three years after graduating, sick as heck, I woke up from a chair in a hospital room next to my son, hardly any sleep... and none of it comfortable... no true focus on studying that week... and went and PASSED my test. Why?.... it was the tons and tons of practice questions really! I swear by it! I had many questions on NCLEX-RN that I wasn't familiar with the content of the question, but practicing and reading the rationales and strategies of so many questions I was able to make it! Anyway that was very long winded, but I hope it helps! Good luck!
  6. hukneeb

    NCLEX RN results

    So, did it charge you? Everybody is saying to wait 24 hours minimum because the test is graded twice. I wonder if you might even want to wait a little longer since you tested on the weekend, and I'm not certain if the second review takes place outside of regular business hours. I tried the "trick" after 24 hours, and it was accurate for me, but I wouldn't count on it 100%. Good luck!
  7. hukneeb

    NY Online License Verification

  8. Congratulations!!!!
  9. hukneeb


    I just wonder if this correlates with the "on hold" status... perhaps they review it differently, and it takes longer?
  10. First, I want to start by saying that the test itself pales in comparison to the 48 hour wait that followed it! I can't believe how absolutely obsessed I became about knowing my "fate"! I couldn't sleep! Spent hours searching for anything to give myself a clue as to whether or not I might have passed the NCLEX-RN exam! I searched for things like question types that indicate "higher level" or "passing" questions, statistics about how many passed with 265 questions, does the PVT trick work? Have people been charged, but passed, or not charged and failed, etc.... the biggest frustration was almost everything I found was outdated. So I want to post this for Dec. 2016... I tested, went all the way to 265 questions with one minute to spare, and PASSED! I was so nervous about the "PVT trick", and completely preparing myself for the disappointment... no wait... heart crushing moment that I might read the word "FAILED" next to my name! It has been a long road for me... just like everyone else! So much was riding on the answer to whether I passed or not! After the test, I felt guilty for not studying or doing practice questions for the next time, just in case! Not studying was such a foreign idea! What was wrong with me? I already took the test, the day finally came... It was finally OVER! I should have been SLEEPING! Or looking for a job? Working on a resume? I'd been dreaming of finishing that test and hibernating to catch up on all of the lost sleep for weeks! Instead I was obsessing about EVERYTHING... replaying the experience, the questions, searching for hope through google,lol! I had decided not to try the PVT trick because for starters I didn't have $200 to risk on a potentially inaccurate result, & I also didn't want to put my heart into a result that was potentially inaccurate... but I caved by the next day... I couldn't take it, lol... my sister had a prepaid visa with no money on it so we gave it a shot! The "GOOD" pop up!!! Then I felt guilty for trying to be "tricky" and I became paranoid that Pearson vue was on to me, lol...that the state board knew I was trying to be tricky! Lol, I know this is crazy... maybe they knew I used a bad card, and maybe I really didn't pass... I couldn't even celebrate! And now the idea that maybe I actually did pass was making the suspense even stronger! Basically the trick worked for me but I still didn't trust it. After all if you make it to 265 you're on the border! I seriously tried everything to pass the time... and I don't know how I survived that 48, lol... but I did... and I PASSED!!! And all of this is just so any of you going through this "NCLEX psychosis" now or the near future can have an updated post from Dec 2016 about these things, lol. Good luck to all of you!
  11. hukneeb


    I think it only counts the last 60 items when you run out of time. I haven't read anything about it, but it might correlate to having the results on hold for further review. Maybe there are others that ran out of time that might have more insight. Best wishes!
  12. I didn't read all of the comments, so I apologize if I'm just being repetitive... I just took the NCLEX exam on Thursday, for the First and only time, and PASSED! After graduating over three years ago, this is statistically unlikely! After spending the weekend before my exam too ill to study, followed by a sick kid in the hospital... and literally waking up from a chair in the hospital where I slept next to my son the previous few nights... NOTHING was how I planned, I felt so completely defeated before even going to the testing center... I know this sounds crazy, and I'm going to make a long post about it as soon as my mind clears from the crazy idea that I just finally DID IT!!!... but honestly... I am not a holy roller by any means, but I talked to God, and accepted that I was NOT in control... I put all of my best efforts into preparation, and if I don't pass... I WILL BE OKAY, and only better prepared for the next time! Honestly the 48 hours after the test, waiting on the results was far worse than the actual test itself! You already have all of the tools you need I promise! I've read so many posts where people list an abundance of study materials and they are taking the test multiple times, and can't figure out what the problem is. The problem is we all are our own worst enemies! Have faith in yourself! If you made it through nursing school... you are more than capable! That doesn't mean to slack off, just means to not stress yourself out so much! I did over 2000 questions online from Saunders comprehensive review, reading every single rationale... mostly 10 at a time in test mode. If I had time for more, I'd do another 10, and so on... there are some awesome videos on YouTube which I watched religiously.. and took notes as if I was in lecture... I'll make another post in more detail later... but just wanted to chime in and give you some inspiration hopefully! Good luck!
  13. hukneeb

    265...last questrion wrong and passed

    How do you know you got the last question wrong? I just found out I passed after 265 questions, and truthfully it's such a blur I don't even remember what the last question was! Do they give you a report or something? I'm just wondering because I've read a few places where people are talking about the last question... but how do you really know you answered it wrong? Certainly when you answered it, you were trying to answer correctly.
  14. hukneeb


    Just found out I passed too!!!?
  15. hukneeb


    This is awesome! Congratulations!!!! I actually have a very similar story. Graduated 2013, scheduled my test shortly after, but missed it because I was out of state on a family emergency... long story short, nasty divorce, deaths in the family, basic survival... I just kept putting it off for one reason or another... Finally scheduled it again for yesterday, Dec 1. In the true fashion of how my life had gone since nursing school, one of my children became ill, & after a visit to urgent care & meds weren't helping, by Tuesday he was hospitalized... naturally I picked something up due to the stress and lack of sleep the past few weeks, and after sleeping in a chair a few days next to my son in the hospital, not studying at all...I was tempted once again to reschedule, but instead I sucked it up and went in for my NCLEX-RN for the first (and hopefully only) time, sick as a dog... 3 years after graduation! I felt horrible and got all 265 questions! Now here I am obsessing and waiting for my results while reading through all of these forums trying to grasp onto anything I read that gives me hope! Thank you for posting!! And you're not alone, I also haven't shared much about this with any of my friends and family. After taking the test though, I do wish I'd have done it sooner, because it certainly wasn't bad enough to justify all of the anxiety I had over it!