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NCLEX psychosis? 265 questions and PVT in Dec. 2016


First, I want to start by saying that the test itself pales in comparison to the 48 hour wait that followed it! I can't believe how absolutely obsessed I became about knowing my "fate"! I couldn't sleep! Spent hours searching for anything to give myself a clue as to whether or not I might have passed the NCLEX-RN exam! I searched for things like question types that indicate "higher level" or "passing" questions, statistics about how many passed with 265 questions, does the PVT trick work? Have people been charged, but passed, or not charged and failed, etc.... the biggest frustration was almost everything I found was outdated. So I want to post this for Dec. 2016... I tested, went all the way to 265 questions with one minute to spare, and PASSED! I was so nervous about the "PVT trick", and completely preparing myself for the disappointment... no wait... heart crushing moment that I might read the word "FAILED" next to my name! It has been a long road for me... just like everyone else! So much was riding on the answer to whether I passed or not! After the test, I felt guilty for not studying or doing practice questions for the next time, just in case! Not studying was such a foreign idea! What was wrong with me? I already took the test, the day finally came... It was finally OVER! I should have been SLEEPING! Or looking for a job? Working on a resume? I'd been dreaming of finishing that test and hibernating to catch up on all of the lost sleep for weeks! Instead I was obsessing about EVERYTHING... replaying the experience, the questions, searching for hope through google,lol! I had decided not to try the PVT trick because for starters I didn't have $200 to risk on a potentially inaccurate result, & I also didn't want to put my heart into a result that was potentially inaccurate... but I caved by the next day... I couldn't take it, lol... my sister had a prepaid visa with no money on it so we gave it a shot! The "GOOD" pop up!!! Then I felt guilty for trying to be "tricky" and I became paranoid that Pearson vue was on to me, lol...that the state board knew I was trying to be tricky! Lol, I know this is crazy... maybe they knew I used a bad card, and maybe I really didn't pass... I couldn't even celebrate! And now the idea that maybe I actually did pass was making the suspense even stronger! Basically the trick worked for me but I still didn't trust it. After all if you make it to 265 you're on the border! I seriously tried everything to pass the time... and I don't know how I survived that 48, lol... but I did... and I PASSED!!! And all of this is just so any of you going through this "NCLEX psychosis" now or the near future can have an updated post from Dec 2016 about these things, lol. Good luck to all of you!

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