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  1. JPS July 2020 Residency

    As of right now, it still looks like we are starting on time. We just got our letters regarding the BSN completion requirement date. I scheduled myself super light these last two schedule periods because I thought I would be completing my preceptors...
  2. JPS July 2020 Residency

    Thank you! Just trying to plow through the remainder of this semester. Dying to know if there are going to be changes to the residency start date, but I am sure they haven't determined that yet. How are things on the ground for you?
  3. Texas Health Versant July 2020

    Some shools have and some haven't. Some are only extending Spring break for a week at this point. Mine has not taken action yet, but you definitely won't be the only person in this boat!
  4. JPS July 2020 Residency

    I was offered a position and started a facebook Group for anyone else entering the July 2020 Residency. If you are joining the JPS Residency and want to join the facebook Group - here is a link:
  5. Texas Health Versant July 2020

    Yes, it is!
  6. Texas Health Versant July 2020

    I have a friend who has multiple interviews scheduled next week. She is already an employee there. I haven't heard anything yet, but have several listed as "application under review" still.
  7. Parkland Residency Summer 2020

    I received a rejection email for Critical Care - Medicine PCU without an interview and others are still "under review".
  8. JPS July 2020 Residency

    My second interview was with P4, Tower 7 did not pick me for a second interview and she was waiting to hear from E3.
  9. Texas Health Versant July 2020

    I applied for 6 positions on the February 14th round of applications. Five say "application under review" and one says "application received". I received the Korn Ferry email on Friday, but had previously completed it and haven't heard anything els...
  10. JPS July 2020 Residency

    I got called for a second one and had it on Friday on the unit. When she scheduled it I asked if she had any info from other units and one did not put me on the list and the other had not got back to her yet.
  11. Parkland Residency Summer 2020

    Mine all say the same thing, no emails or calls.
  12. JPS July 2020 Residency

    One of my classmates just received a rejection email tonight. I attended the Interview Fair today...fingers crossed!
  13. Advent Health Contract

    Curious to see how it worked out? I was going to suggest to ask the new company about a "relocation" bonus- which could then be used to pay off the contract.
  14. JPS July 2020 Residency

    I think we should start hearing something mid-month.
  15. Parkland Residency Summer 2020

    I looked at last year's thread and there were people still just getting notifications in April.