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  1. debra_tx

    BSN vs ADN and Residency

    Hello Everybody. My plans have been to enter a two year program beginning in the Fall of 2018. I am recently reading that with an ADN you pretty much need to get into and complete a one year residency program to even get hired by a hospital. In the meantime, over the last few years, I have been working on my BS (General Studies) and have accumulated 88 out of 129 hours. So here are my questions: 1. If I get my BS and then do a one year second degree to get my BSN, will a residency program still be as necessary to get hired? 2. Is the talk of residency programs to get hired, over-hyped? 3. By BS will take three semesters (full time) to complete, and then two to three to complete the fast track BSN (and cost more), vs 4 semesters to complete ADN --- feeling torn on what to do..weigh in with your experiences. Thank you!
  2. debra_tx

    Anyone familiar with Big Bend Medical Center in Alpine, TX?

    I'd love to know how this panned out. That are is one of my favorite places in the world!
  3. debra_tx

    Weatherford College ADN Fall 2018 Applicants

    If you have just stumbled upon this in your searching - go over to facebook and join the group if you are applying for Fall 2018. Link is posted above!
  4. Facebook Group --- Log into Facebook | Facebook
  5. debra_tx

    Weatherford ADN Fall 2017

    I have heard it is definitely 6 weeks. I applied; I know I am short on points for Fall 2017, but figured why not? You never know!! I am currently taking my last two pre-reqs, so I only get one point for each of those. If I don't get in for Fall 2017, I will reapply. Did anyone apply for Bridgeport campus? Anyone know the points for previous semesters at Bridgeport?
  6. debra_tx

    Weatherford College - ADN vs LVN - Campus Options

    Help -- anyone? Need info as app deadline is approaching!
  7. I was planning on applying to the Weatherford College ADN program for Fall 2017, but I am starting to doubt that I have enough points. Final two pre-reqs are being completed this semester, so I only get one point each for those. Need one more class to get 3 bonus points. The rest of my points are maxed out, except TEAS which I am planning on retaking. So my questions are -- should I try applying for the LVN and then bridging to the ADN -- this will require a flight to take the ACCUPLACER as I am currently working out of state on a contract job? Are fewer points typical to get into the other campus locations (Bridgeport and Granbury)? Are my chances higher at those locations if I am low on points? A friend told me she got in with 26, but I am seeing others say they didn't get in with 30. HELP! Thank you!
  8. debra_tx

    UT El Paso - questions

    Hi -- can anyone share info on UT El Paso BSN program? Would love to hear the good, bad, etc. Thanks!
  9. debra_tx

    UT El Paso FNP Fall 2016

    My daughter is considering transferring to UTEP and then applying for the nursing program. Can anyone share experiences, good, bad or other? Thanks!
  10. debra_tx

    Anyone else at Delaware State University?

    Hi - my daughter was accepted as a transfer and is trying to decide between there and a much larger school. Can you give me any insight on how your time there went? Were you happy with your decision?
  11. debra_tx

    Towson Fall 2016

    Hi - my daughter is considering applying to Towson and then to the nursing program. She still needs some pre-reqs as she started at a liberal arts college and then decided on nursing. Can you tell me how your experience has been? She is in her second semester of her Sophomore year currently.