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  1. Mohammad39

    The drama of passing the NCLEX

    ALLAH Ybarek feek GOD bless you n help u succeed i did all the uworld about 1300 questions n mastery exams n reviews. Approximately 200 questions a day. I stopped daily whenever I felt my head is not getting the new info. I reviewed the rationales of all the questions that I answered wrongly as these were info that I lacked Sometimes it's nice to see why the other options were wrong. Initially I was working so only studying like 1 HR a day n not concentrating properly. Then I took 3 weeks off from work just for studying. My ability to concentrate on studying for prolonged hours is less than before. Also what I found difficult is that some of the questions were about a small details of the diseases that's why any internationally educated nurse thinking of going to Canada n USA should do NCLEX Soon after graduation where the info is still there in their head
  2. Hi Ned, so in the US is it possible for someone to set up an agency and to be the nurse of that agency simultaneously? Thx
  3. Mohammad39

    Agency Nursing Problems

    These r typical agency stuff
  4. Mohammad39

    Help!! ICU Nurse Needing Advice!

    Its normal to be stressed the 1st 1-2 yrs in intensive care. U will like it after that. U should not be expected to know everything. After 11 yrs in ITU I still learn something new every day. Better safe than sorry, if u don't know something ask someone who is likely to know. Pray you don't do mistakes. Listen to what people say but don't let it demoralise u. Change gear, do not leave until u find another job offer.
  5. Mohammad39

    The drama of passing the NCLEX

    HAMDOLILLAH I passed Canadian NCLEX. It was the toughest exam in my life. i graduated in 1999. I work in intensive care n the last time I did a formal exam was 2008. The start was tough. By the time I reached about question 30 I was only sure about ten of the answers r correct. When I passed the 75 questions without the computer shutting, I had a big sigh of relief that I still have a chance. So I took a toilet break to re energise n to restart fresh. The time goes very quickly. Don't think that 5 hrs is a long time. As I was trying to do my best in every question, I didn't look at the time. Then there was only 1 HR left n I answered approximately 185 questions!. I started little panic. But then I said to my self, no point in answering all the questions wrongly. So I took deep breath n I said let me do my best in the questions. When I reached about 245 questions the computer shut down, I said no way am gonna pass this. I used the UWorld N Canadian RNMastery i use the underground trains about 2-3 hrs a day. There is internet on the platforms, but not when the train is moving. The performance of the Internet on the RN Mastery in the places where internet keeps cutting is fantastic n in that aspect it was better than ur world. My personal opinion which might be wrong is UWorld questions are a bit more difficult n the questions resemble the NCLEX Style. RN Mastery looked more like a nice comprehensive review in a questions style. Both have excellent n interesting rationalisation. I advice candidates to: understand rationales practice how to answer NCLEX questions about topics that don't have knowledge or experience about, because whatever u studied, there will be questions about things u never encountered or u only heard about when u did ur basic nursing degree. During the exam don't be intimidated if there is there is a run of about 5 questions that u answered them randomly as u didn't know the answer. Don't let it to affect ur moral. During the exam questions get tougher or easier in a strange pattern. When this happened I said to myself, as long as the computer giving me questions, I still have a chance n let me just do my best. Thank you for everyone who helped here by advice or info. Best wishes Mohammad