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  1. Cbui52

    Online Med Term Class

    Hey! Thanks for responding. Unfortunately it doesn't show my instructors name, it only says "staff" for all of the online med term classes so I wouldn't be able to look up reviews. But your response is making me lean on taking it for one full semester instead of half of a semester!
  2. Cbui52

    Online Med Term Class

    Hey guys! For the upcoming spring semester, I have a pretty easy semester.. it's A&P II, Technical Writing and Med Term. My med term class is only offered online and I have the option to take it for the full semester, the first half semester, or the second half of the semester. So my question pertaining Med Term is how is the work load? Is this class doable in half of a semester? I was thinking of registering for Med Term for the first half of the semester so by the time finals week rolls by, I only have to worry about A&P II (which I want to spend most of my time on) and Tech Writing. What are your thoughts on this? A good idea or just spread this class throughout the whole semester? If you guys could offer some of your intel, I'd much appreciate it!
  3. Cbui52

    UTA FALL 2017-On campus Bsn program

    Hey, I spoke with my advisor today and confused about some basic courses. Does technical writing replace a literature class or do you have to take both? Thank you

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