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brap740 has 10 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU/ER/trauma.

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  1. brap740

    Why hasn’t pay increased? Hazard pay, etc.?

    Endofthetunnel isn’t wrong.....
  2. brap740

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    You have to admit this punitive bs needs to stop. If a nurse brings their own masks in and wants to wear them, so be it. where will that write up ever go? as long as you can justify your actions write ups don’t mean anything, they’re as worthless as the filing cabinet they sit in....
  3. brap740

    Can the Government force us back to work?

    I would like to remind everyone here: We don’t work for the government. The government works for us. Majority of nurses are hired “at will” anyway, so to me I can quit at will too, and GOVT can’t force me to come work for any reason. “We the people. . .”
  4. brap740

    The ANA is killing nurses

    Nursing unions are the weakest I’ve ever seen. teamsters are visciously strong, and they drive trucks. They don’t hold a professional license to care for the sick. Step up nurses. Get as viscous towards process issues and administration as you are to your fellow nurses and you’ll own the profession, and get rewarded for your hard efforts. You’re getting screwed.
  5. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    256 csh. Blacklick Ohio. As far as bolc. You'll do bolc phase 1 online. It's like 80 hours of online instruction. And then you'll go to bolc phase 2 in Texas. As a reservist you have 2 years to complete it after you start drilling.
  6. brap740

    active duty while attaining an MSN/DNP

    A lot of schools claim to be military friendly. Still here are asshat professors who will you give you ****. I experienced that in my program. Msn programs are easier in the reserves in my opinion. That way you can work part time at most, drill and complete the program.
  7. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    What unit are you in?
  8. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    I did something before my commission. It was like 4 events. Seated ball throw. Long jump. Dead lift Line to line timer style suicide run. (Like high school whistle sprint to line. Whistle. Sprint to line until you fail.) I think I go through 9 levels off the couch. Passing is 6th level 1 volley. Not sure if that's even correct terminology.... its not difficukt but the oassing standards are on he internet. I rememebwr I googled it before I was set to do it. I was nervous for nothing. Pretty easy. I'm 5-11, 170 lbs. with the build of a runner. I'm not that great for heavy lifting but I still maxed the dead lift at 220lb. It's not bad your legs are stronger than You'd think. Drink a lot of water before hand. Well I mean make sure your well hydrated. You don't want to do this with a stomach full of water. Eat light small breakfast etc. you'll be fine. Marine pretty ouch explained it better than I did. Just realized this. That's why edited
  9. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    Exercises? You're gonna be well dressed in a suit.....what kinda exercises thry expect you to do.
  10. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    I've been in. The congrats is for everyone trying to get in this FY including my buddy! Lol.
  11. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    I'm a 66S. My friend is also commissioning into a 66S slot. Very excited. And congrats to everyone that was offered a commission this year. If you are still on OML STAY DETERMINED and continue to build your skill set. You'll get in eventually!
  12. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    @rocdav ....the Specialist in Kuwait SSG Simon Ogola amedd Recruiter look him up in outlook! IM SURE HE WOULD HELP YOU!!
  13. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    Scroll in today. My buddy is Commissioning anytime in next week. He asked me to swear him in. Very honored.
  14. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    Wouldn't wish a DUI on anyone, but that happens too. Don't break the lawr. Stay squeaky clean.
  15. What are the English prerequisites for that program?
  16. brap740

    Army Reserve OML FY2017

    Critical care is 45k. Divied over 3 years.

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