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  1. cram16phi

    Does the Pearson Vue trick (PVT) work?

    Thank you for your response. Right now I just finished doing the PVT trick and I still got the (!) symbol and "...registration cannot be made at this time." pop-up. It has been about 22 hours since I finished my NCLEX-PN at 85 questions on 10:00 AM yesterday. So far I did the PVT trick four times now, all with the same symbol and pop-up. Tomorrow, I plan to look at quick results. Although this pop-up has eased my anxiety, I know I am still not in the clear. There are stories of people doing the PVT trick hours after their exam and they got the good pop-up, only to do the PVT trick the next day to get the bad pop-up which, if I understand is "Credit card has been declined. Please contact your credit card company." That's why I've been doing this four times now. I am relieved that I still been getting the good pop-up. Tomorrow, I will check my quick results. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond to me.
  2. cram16phi

    Does the Pearson Vue trick (PVT) work?

    Today at 8:00 AM I taken my NCLEX-PN. About two hours, at 10:00 AM, my test stopped at 85 questions. I had a lot of select all that applies (SATA) in the middle and I noticed that my test towards the end gave me easy multiple-choice questions. I think I got the last multiple question wrong. I was anxious throughout the rest of the day. I looked for advice on nursing sites and found that many people used the Pearson Vue trick (PVT) to find out if they passed or not due to how the pop-up looks at the credit card information. From what I understand, if you got the "good pop up," you passed and their was a risk that your money on the credit card would get deducted. So at 10:00 PM, I did the PVT and I used a prepaid credit master card that only had $50.00. I pressed submit and I got an (!) symbol and "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Did I do this correctly? Is this the "good pop-up" that people who passed talked about? Or did I do it too early and should I try again tomorrow?
  3. Hi, I am a student nurse scheduled to take the NCLEX-PN on November 22, 2016. One month ago, I was looking for advice on what NCLEX reviewer is good. I looked in this site and finally decided to pay for UWorld one month because of the good reception it got from forum users (I saw a lot of post on this site say "Passed on the first try with UWORLD."). Despite their good reviews, I was discouraged from using Kaplan or Hurst because of reviews saying, "Failed NCLEX two times using Kaplan and Hurst. Finally passed with UWORLD." So I went with UWorld to help me prepare for the NCLEX-PN. After three weeks, I've used up all 1133 questions available in the NCLEX-PN QBank. I felt that this reviewer really helped me with the questions that reflect what is going to be in the actual NCLEX and the rational for the right answer. At the end, I got 47% total correct and 51% total incorrect and in the Percentile Rank it says I'm 32th rank while the median is 48th rank. Is this a good score? I saw posts in allnurses.com that say that people using UWorld passed because they get 50%-60% total correct. I heard from a post that the tests of UWorld are supposed to accurately represent questions in the NCLEX. With my scheduled test one week away, I am really anxious about this since I really want to pass NCLEX-PN on my first try. Am I at risk of failing the NCLEX-PN?

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