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MirageRN has 7 years experience.

I collect nursing licenses for a living. From the Southeast Asia to the Middle East to the US East Coast to the US West Coast. Hmm, where to next?

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  1. MirageRN

    Advice, Please! Need to Leave ICU...

    Hey Jack1971! Did you end up leaving the ICU to take on another role? Any updates? I too am considering leaving the critical care area but too scared to take the jump. Would appreciate a conversation with you.
  2. MirageRN

    I quit my job. No backup. But I feel ecstatic!

    Any updates OP? I am curious as how things pan out for you.
  3. MirageRN

    I quit my job. No backup. But I feel ecstatic!

    I am thinking of doing this one too, two to three years from now. I just started my career as a critical care nurse a few months back but have been doing MedSurg, Skilled Nursing and Psych in the past 6 years of my nursing life. Since I worked in two different countries outside the US previously, I thought that moving to a different place or to a new organization or even to a new unit would ease me of my everyday void that I feel. Don't get me wrong, I love our profession (helping people) but there will be days that majority of it is stressful and tiring. And like most of the commenters here, I don't see myself working bedside in the next 30 years of my life. I'm only 26 as well and is already looking around for non bedside work that I can do part time then still be a critical care nurse per diem so that I won't lose my skills as a bedside nurse. Maybe home health, case management or even hospice. Right now, all.I can do is wait and learn as much as I can from where I am right now. Good luck to us.
  4. MirageRN

    New Grad Orientation Not Going Well

    Couldn't be much help as this is the story of my life right now and we are on the same boat. I am curious as to what others' advice on our situation. I am currently being trained in the ICU. All of my preceptors told me I am doing excellent and then there's this one high and mighty preceptor telling me that I don't have time management skills and that I am lacking critical thinking. Totally crushed my confidence in being a full fledged critical care nurse. I am curious, how was your meeting with them? Any resolved issues?
  5. As an internationally trained and experienced former "floor nurse", all I can say is that I truly enjoyed munching on my donuts, sipping my warm caramel macchiato and talking to Sally about my 2 week vacation in the Carribean while all hell break loose in the unit, match it with never ending call lights that still kept ringing in my head even when I am in bed already contemplating about life and top it off with NPO and no bathroom privileges for the entirety of your shift while you juggle multiple things going on with your patients and their family members. @zhapper2002 All I can say is that, whatever your experience is, make use of what you have learned and apply it in your new field. Have a healthy dose of anxiety to keep you focused and always keep an open mind (I guess it applies in all areas of nursing). You'll do fine. GL!
  6. MirageRN

    Asking offer letter of another hospital

    Thank you all for your response. He got everything all sorted out. And yeah, the hospital didn't match the other's offer but the convenience getting to and from work matters more for him.
  7. MirageRN

    SF Bay Area New Grad

    I am a nurse with 5 years of experience in and out of the US and have to move to the central coast for a hospital job. It depends on what your goals are and if you are willing to work other settings while waiting for these new grad programs. I will not say that it is impossible to land a hospital job in the area, but it will take a lot of patience, time and connections to make it work. But then, I have known a few people who got in a good program straight out of school. I'm from the Bay Area btw. Good luck! :)
  8. Hello everyone, My good friend of mine got lucky and landed two job offers from two different hospitals. Hospital A offered a more competitive salary and relocation assistance while hospital B offered a lower salary with no relo assistance but the convenience of proximity to his future home (he'll be living with us and the travel is only 2 mins away from this hospital) and knowing already someone working there. He wanted to take Hospital B and bargained if they could match the offer of Hospital A. But in an email by the director of Hospital B, they are asking him to forward them Hospital A's offer letter for consideration of his request. We have never experienced this before. Has any of your had this similar instance? What are your thoughts on this? Thank you. :)
  9. MirageRN

    Bay Area Hospitals- RN

    Hello! How was the move? Were you able to find an ICU job in the Bay? I am from the Bay Area but have to move down south in the central valley to get an ICU experience (hopefully continue with CRNA or NP school after gaining solid experience and earn enough savings). I am thinking of moving back up there and find an ICU job once I get a year or two of experience here. A lot of people here are saying that a year of experience would get me no ICU job in the Bay, but I have met one nurse who moved all the way to NC just to gain 8 months of ICU experience then luckily able to land a CVICU job in the North Bay Area. How was your case? :)
  10. MirageRN

    Samuel Merritt Job Offers

    Hello! I know this is an old post, but I am hoping you will reply. Are you already an SRNA/CRNA? Have you continued with Samuel Merritt or moved forward with a different school? I'm a newbie ICU nurse and have to move out of the Bay Area due to really stiff competition for new grad/no acute hospital experience nurses. I am also thinking of the same thing, apply to CRNA schools outside California once I get enough experience and savings. Thanks in advance! :)
  11. MirageRN

    Goal=Relocate for ICU RN Residency. HELP

    Same boat as you are. Look outside areas such as LA, SD or the Bay Area as the competition is really stiff. I'm on my second week of ICU New Grad Training Program here somewhere in Central Valley California. Area is not as desirable for a young nursing professional, but hey, it gives me the experience I need. I'm from the Bay Area btw. Good luck!
  12. MirageRN

    2017 Studying in the Philippines for Nursing

    The question is, are you sure that at some point in your life, you wouldn't have to move back to California to be with your family and endorse your future out of state license here? I graduated in the Philippines too and passed my RN licensure exam in another state but realized that my home is in California. But to cut it short, it really depends on your priorities and whether or not a CA RN license would be a necessity some time in the future. Just my two cents.
  13. MirageRN

    versant program 2016 at San Joaquin Community Hospital

    Hello! I know this has been fairly an old post but hope to get some feedback. For anyone who got in the program, how was it?
  14. MirageRN

    Adventist Health Bakersfield New Grad Program 2017

    I believe you posted this in the wrong thread.
  15. MirageRN

    Adventist Health Bakersfield New Grad Program 2017

    Hello! Yes, they have another batch starting in late Feb/early March. The ones starting this December are those who already have their California licenses. :)
  16. MirageRN

    Adventist Health Bakersfield New Grad Program 2017

    Awesome! I'm excited to meet everyone as well. We should all meet up before our first day so that we will get to know everyone! :) Anyone from other units? I already met one who will be in Step Down. :)

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