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  1. FutureRN1011

    LCCC spring 2017 start

    So do you still have class on Monday/Wednesday throughout the semester?
  2. FutureRN1011

    LCCC spring 2017 start

    Thank you so much for responding! What do you mean by "adopting" a community?
  3. FutureRN1011

    LCCC spring 2017 start

    Hello! So I just got accepted into LCCC's nursing program, and I have a few questions.... is there anyone who is currently attending the program who can tell me what it's like? How are clinicals and how are the nursing instructors? I will be commuting from Colorado so I'm hoping that I will get some clinical placements in Greeley, but I'm not sure how that whole system works. Your impute is grately appreciated as I am excited to start but am also feeling quite anxious!

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