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  1. megcmo

    Air in Line

    I have asked two coworkers, and both of them demonstrated it for me. They both did it so quickly that I didn't really get a clear understanding of how to do it. I'm a new nurse but no longer in training, so I feel like I'm sort of expected to know how to do this by now. I'm embarassed to ask another coworker again!
  2. megcmo

    Air in Line

    When using an Alaris IV pump and it says Air in Line, how to aspirate the air from the IV tubing using an empty syringe? I have tried doing this many times, and it never works for me, so I must be doing it wrong. Can someone please explain in great detail because I am very confused on how to do this.
  3. Hello - my name is Megan. Starting in January, I will be a full-time student at Barnes Jewish College, Goldfarb School of Nursing. Can someone please advise me on options for health insurance? From what I've seen, looks like there is no student health insurance. I may try to do Obamacare for as long as that will still be available. Also, not sure exactly what Trump plans on replacing it with, so that's also making this a hard decision. Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!