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  1. DreamQueen

    CHOP 2020?

    Does anyone know anything about the CHOP nurse residency for December graduates? I know the last posting was for those graduating through October. When does CHOP traditionally have postings for nurse resident? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. DreamQueen

    John Hopkins Hospital Nurse Residency Program 2019

    Hi, Congrats to everyone who received a position and will be starting soon! Is anyone willing to share the new grad pay rate that Hopkins offers? As well as explain how their salary & 40 hours/week situation works? Thanks !
  3. DreamQueen

    UCONN CEIN 2019

    Has anyone created a group yet? If not, I can take the initiative to create one but need at least one other person to do so. Any takers?
  4. DreamQueen

    UCONN CEIN 2019

    Hey! I applied for the February deadline and was accepted by March 28th. So about 5-6 weeks worth of waiting. It seems they send the acceptance and rejections in waves, with the acceptances being sent first. Not 100% positive though, just an observation. Sending you positive vibes! Good luck!
  5. DreamQueen

    UCONN CEIN 2019

    Hey y'all! Just heard back with my acceptance! Wishing you all the best of luck!!!
  6. DreamQueen

    UCONN CEIN 2019

    Hi everyone, I've been looking at UConn CEIN/BS threads for a long while now but was still in the early process of prerequisites and not ready to actually apply. I have applied for the Feb deadline of the program and was also told we would hear back the week of the 19th as someone shared previously. I've been counting down the days and will definitely be stalking the mailbox starting on Monday! I am super hopeful but you know how these things can be. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone waiting to hear back next week and good luck in your application process to those still applying for other deadlines!
  7. DreamQueen

    Initial Employment

    Thank you all for your responses! I just landed my first job as a CNA in a assisted living facility. I started applying more and got a couple call backs within that same week. My prefernce is a hospital job but any experience is better than none. The starting salary is also more than I am currently making in retail so it's not all bad. I also figure that this job can be a stepping stool to get one in the hospital now that I will have some type of experience under my belt. I'm excited !
  8. DreamQueen

    Initial Employment

    I am new to this site and I am also a relatively newly certified nursing assistant. I haven't been actively looking for work since I am in college full time which is my priority and currently have flexible work in retail. However, I would very much like to start using my license. How long did it take you to get your first CNA job? What was your first job like? What was your starting pay as a brand new CNA? Do you have any advice for a new CNA/ someone job hunting? Looking forward to reading all your input ! Thanks!