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  1. Rebeccakb

    New job purgatory; please talk sense to me

    I’m bored at my desk job too. I listen to books on tape or music, and do my msn homework. I get out of the office for lunch and exercise. Try to find something that gives you fulfillment outside of work. I think as nurses we are used to feeling purpose through work but most people don’t have that so enjoy hobies after work or weekends. Try to make the most of the regular hours that you were missing by working nights. Also could try to transfer within the same company so your resume doesn’t have as many places listed.
  2. Rebeccakb

    Possible exposure to syphilis

    Doubt you caught it, but if so it’s treatable with antibiotics
  3. Rebeccakb

    Family nurse practitioner vs. adult

    I'm planning on continuing my education. My work offers more tuition assistance to a college that offers a family nurse practitioner degree. My ideal job would be working with the geriatrics population. Can a nurse with a family nurse practitioner degree get hired in a geriatrician's office, long term care facility or hospice? Or would I need an adult focused degree? I really would not want to work with children or younger adults.
  4. Rebeccakb

    new grad having extreme difficulty

    I had to move to a bigger city to get my first job, and it was in a doctors office rather than a hospital. Although you aren't working as a nurse you can still work as a nanny or nurses aid and save money so when you find a job you'll have some money to move and get started. I also stayed with a relative for the first 2 months to get on my feet. It's an exciting time in your life full of changes.
  5. Rebeccakb

    Struggling...please help

    I made a little less money at the office than I do at the hospital ( 5 dollar an hour difference) but felt over paid for the actual work I was doing. I was also able to take a lot of unpaid time off to travel and I had plenty of time to finish my bsn. Also as a young person it was great to be able to go out after work without showering, and never miss a weekend, to me that was worth the lower pay. I also feel that I learned a lot working closely with doctors. I am more prepared to be a floor nurse because I know all my medications, understand labs, and know the treatments for chronic conditions, wound care expirence, good assessment skills, and have more confidence than I would have as a new grad.The things I am learning at the hospital are technical skills, emergency situations, and time management.
  6. Rebeccakb

    Struggling...please help

    Try a different setting. I worked for several years in a geriatricians office. I wore regular clothes, worked 4 days a week, no weekends, no holidays. It was a fun and rewarding job that I didn't mind doing. I did a lot of paper work, phone calls, diabetic education, phlebotomy, and explained patients test results. After 5 years I am now working in the hospital in med surg to gain more skills. Give yourself a break and try something different.