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  1. I could use some advice. I worked for this family as a pediatric home health nurse for over a year. I ended up leaving when the mother became irate at me over a suction catheter that went missing, getting right in my face and began spitting as she wa...
  2. I'm a pediatirc nurse who works PRN for a home health agency and recently I had a horrible encounter with a patient's foster mother. My patient was trach/vent/g button, and the mother spent the entire 12 hour shift belittling me and criticizing every...
  3. I'm currently working for a home health agency as a BSN-RN and my clients are very dissatisfied. The problem is there are no other agencies that service the area we live in. We constantly have problems with staffing, scheduling, and customer service ...
  4. Working towards management

    Hi all I currently work in home health with a BSN and I'm interested in going to grad school. I want to continue working for the agency I work for now but on a path towards upper management. I can't decide whether or not to get an MBA for healthcare ...
  5. LVN school vs BSN school

    That Guy. So looking at her course work, would you say that the material was more difficult to learn or there is just more of it? If you two were to switch places, do you think she would have an easier time in BSN school than you would in LVN school?
  6. LVN school vs BSN school

    That was kind of my thought. I failed both of my pharm exams, and one of my OB exams technically (you have to average a 75 on an exam to get a "C"). It feels almost like taking calculus without knowing basic math. I'm so far behind on everything, and...
  7. LVN school vs BSN school

    I'm a father of two, a husband, a full time worker in an unrelated field, and I live 45 minutes away from school one way. I'm drowning in BSN school and I'm thinking about dropping out. I want to go back to school and get my LVN, and maybe go back to...