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  1. MD RN & NP License

    Hi, Can I live in DC with DC driver's license and work in Maryland with MD RN & NP licenses? In other words, can I claim DC as my primary place of residency and maintain my Maryland nursing licenses?
  2. Switch from GA to MD RN License

    Hi all, I received a NP job offer and am trying to switch my GA RN (eNLC) license to Maryland. Since the MBON is closed, I have been trying to email them with no response yet. I have sent my RN compact to MD through Nursys and am completing the onli...
  3. EMORY ABSN+MSN 2017

    I had my GRE score waved/ everything checked off last Monday. Does anyone know how long it'll take between getting all the checks and a decision?
  4. EMORY ABSN+MSN 2017

    Can we email the nursingquestions account to see if they can wave pre-reqs/GRE scores? Still have red X's and it is quite frustrating.
  5. EMORY ABSN+MSN 2017

    So the FAFSA email must just be sent to all applicants