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Hi all,

I received a NP job offer and am trying to switch my GA RN (eNLC) license to Maryland. Since the MBON is closed, I have been trying to email them with no response yet. I have sent my RN compact to MD through Nursys and am completing the online application. I have not yet moved to Maryland so I cannot do the online fingerprinting. Do I just email the BON to request the fingerprinting to take somewhere?

If anyone has gone through this process and I can ask them some questions it would be so appreciative since I cannot call the BON and need to get the applications in to start processing.

I am also in the same boat. I have emailed about 4 times in the last 3 months to receive a fingerprint card and haven't heard anything back from anyone.

I also live in a compact state as well. I wasnt even able to complete the online MD BON application because it wanted the fingerprint card number. Best of luck


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Hi I am currently trying to transfer my RN license to MD and I was wondering how you guys did it? since everything is close and no one is answering their phone or emails. 

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