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  1. I am a current RN practicing in an ICU in North Dakota. I was recently reported to the Board and have a pending investigation open for allegations brought on by a manager who chose to fire me and report me to the BON to bypass her HR obligations of Due Process. I am new to the ICU setting as of September of last year and she reported/fired me in August of this year. Her report was filed incorrectly, but the BON offered me a settlement with stipulations that no reasonable institution would abide by, including 1:1 supervision for all nursing cares and medication administration for 12 months. Then, another year of supervised probation before I am able to appeal to have full licensure reinstated. I have hired an attorney, but due to the beaurocratic nature of the BON, he thinks that best case scenario would be for me to counter offer the BON with a reprimand and additional CEU's according to what the Board feels appropriate. If i I am offered the reprimand, do I even have a chance at being accepted into an advanced practice program for NP or CRNA when this is all said and done? Or am I better off just voluntarily surrendering my license and choosing a different career path?