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Future career opportunities with a tarnished license


Will I be able to get into an AP program with a reprimand or previous probation?

  1. 1. Will I be able to get into an AP program with a reprimand or previous probation?

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I am a current RN practicing in an ICU in North Dakota. I was recently reported to the Board and have a pending investigation open for allegations brought on by a manager who chose to fire me and report me to the BON to bypass her HR obligations of Due Process. I am new to the ICU setting as of September of last year and she reported/fired me in August of this year. Her report was filed incorrectly, but the BON offered me a settlement with stipulations that no reasonable institution would abide by, including 1:1 supervision for all nursing cares and medication administration for 12 months. Then, another year of supervised probation before I am able to appeal to have full licensure reinstated. I have hired an attorney, but due to the beaurocratic nature of the BON, he thinks that best case scenario would be for me to counter offer the BON with a reprimand and additional CEU's according to what the Board feels appropriate.

If i I am offered the reprimand, do I even have a chance at being accepted into an advanced practice program for NP or CRNA when this is all said and done? Or am I better off just voluntarily surrendering my license and choosing a different career path?


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I don't think anyone can reasonably answer this without knowing more about what happened, your record thus far, when you would want to pursue advanced nursing, where you would want to go, and where you would want to work afterwards. There are just too many variables. I think getting a lawyer was a good idea and would probably go with what he suggests. Best of luck to you.

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And...since you are undergoing litigation, it is better not to post details. Listen to your lawyer and proceed from there. I wish you the best