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  1. Lincoln Memorial University ABSN 2017

    Yes it covered tuition and I took a private student loan out to cover living expenses.
  2. Lincoln Memorial University ABSN 2017

    Hello, Yes I got my acceptance letter within two weeks of sending in my final transcripts. I applied the semester I was finishing my last two prerequisites and then submitted my final transcript. I am starting their ABSN program this Fall at the Ceda...
  3. Lincoln Memorial University ABSN 2017

    Thank you so much for your reply! How would you evaluate your experience at LMU's nursing program? Would you say that it properly prepared you for the NCLEX exam? Thanks again for your insight, I appreciate it.
  4. Lincoln Memorial University ABSN 2017

    Hello All! I recently submitted my nursing application to LMU for the Fall 2017 cohort. I was wondering if anyone knew the student profile of the average admitted student? I have a 3.6 cumulative GPA, and am wondering if that is competitive enough to...