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  1. Hi Everyone, For those of you that were first license in CA, how long did it take for the CA BRN to send your endorsement stuff to the other state you wanted your license in? almost 5 weeks in and no progress-- need license ASAP (within 4 weeks at the absolute most) for other state or in danger of losing a job offer. Any tips or tricks to get them to complete your things quicker? I called them and the person I spoke to was not helpful/ nice at all. I wish CA would join everyone else and use NURSYS!!! it's a little ridiculous that it takes this long.
  2. sb12345

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2020

    if you have any more specific questions feel free to message me Good luck!! The new grad job market in CA is not ideal...
  3. sb12345

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2020

    sure! I honestly think they really just care where you had your preceptorship. I wanted to work in critical care and last round I applied to PICU and didn't get an interview at all. This round I applied for hem/onc and got an interview/offer. ( I did my preceptorship in peds oncology/bmt unit). This doesn't just go for Rady, but for other hospitals as well. I didn't get interviews last round but this round when I put onc as my top choice for places I got a lot of interviews. In my experience it just seems like places really want to interview people who had a preceptorship in that specific specialty
  4. sb12345

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Spring 2020

    I think I am going to go with a different offer I got. how about you? the 5 months of low pay would be difficult
  5. sb12345

    UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    did anyone hear back for an interview for the pediatric oncology unit or any of the other pediatric acute care units? I put peds and peds as my two choices and have not received a rejection email yet Thanks!
  6. sb12345

    CHLA RN Residency March 2020

    Unfortunately I received the "thank you"/rejection email for BMT last night
  7. sb12345

    UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    I got an email from skillsurvery before my interview and it stated that I had 24hrs to submit 5 references. Your references then complete a questionnaire by email. Good luck!
  8. Has anyone heard back for cvicu
  9. Congrats! What unit did you hear back from for a second interview ?
  10. sb12345

    UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    thats good news! just curious what dept did you hear from today? Thanks & good luck!
  11. sb12345

    UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    Congrats! Was this for peds or adult onc?
  12. sb12345

    UCI MEPN 2017

    Has anyone on the waitlist heard anything? I emailed them about 12 days ago to ask if we were allowed to know our standing on the waitlist and have heard nothing from them :/
  13. sb12345

    USF MSN-CNL non-nurse summer 2017

    Hi! I also just got off the waitlist and now trying to decide what to do as I was also accepted to SFSU which is exponentially cheaper tuition wise
  14. sb12345

    SF Sequoia nursing program fall 2017

    I will be attending and I am a second bacc as well :)
  15. sb12345

    USF MSN-CNL non-nurse summer 2017

    I have a friend currently in the cohort that started in Jan and for right now they already have clinicals but at Laguna Honda geriatrics

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