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CA BRN Endorsing license to another state

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Hi Everyone,

For those of you that were first license in CA, how long did it take for the CA BRN to send your endorsement stuff to the other state you wanted your license in? almost 5 weeks in and no progress-- need license ASAP (within 4 weeks at the absolute most) for other state or in danger of losing a job offer. Any tips or tricks to get them to complete your things quicker? I called them and the person I spoke to was not helpful/ nice at all. 

I wish CA would join everyone else and use NURSYS!!! it's a little ridiculous that it takes this long. 

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HelicopterMom is a BSN and specializes in Flight RN, SICU, Trauma Resus.

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It is absolutely appalling.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my endorsement is 10 weeks at this point and looks like it won't go through for another 3-4 weeks.  I lost my temporary license 4 weeks ago and can't work.  I've lost thousands of dollars.

I wrote to my assemblyman in CA and that is not making any progress either.

Nurses deserve better than this.  

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