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  1. Mon2be

    LPN Anywhere?

    I am currently going to school for Nursing but the program is only for an Associates degree, I think I am going to just go straight for the BSN option even though it will take longer because we all know that's what is really needed. See, I have my CNA, I love being a CNA and helping the elderly which is where I wish to stay and when I first pursued my dreams of becoming a nurse I really wanted to be a LPN so that I stay in this area and because I see they are often needed and most used in long term care facilities BUT I haven't found any schools offering the education for becoming a LPN anywhere in New Mexico! I will not relocate due to family but I just wonder where did all the current LPN's here get their education? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. Mon2be


    Hi, I think I read it's only the top 30 who score highest on the TEAS Exam- for the online program, are you applying?
  3. Mon2be

    Should I take courses for LPN or Rn first?

    Well of course whatever path you choose to take has to be best for you, and I feel I relate to how you seem to be explaining your learning style so I will let you know what I'm doing because I'm taking it slow. First I applied and started working with a home health agency to get more experience caring for people and then enrolled in my local community college one term CNA program, now that I am able to work as a CNA I get even more patient experience. So next I want to enroll in a LPN program while working as a CNA because those programs usually take about a year. Once I become an LPN I would love to enroll into a bridge program LPN to RN and then go straight for my Bachelors, instead just getting the Associates. In nursing it's like your career can never end because after you have your RN you can then specialize, but if you get your foot in the door in healthcare then you can take your time and gain your experience, I think it's crazy to me how people are going straight out of high school to registered nurse, with absolutely no experience in actual caregiving for anyone in real life, on a day to day, or other than themselves and only with the clinical experience.
  4. Mon2be

    CNA to LPN Hybrid Programs

    I am currently a CNA and I would like to take a hybrid LPN program starting next year because I have read online I may be able to do clinicals on the weekends and online classes during the week. The LPN programs seem to only take 10 months to a year which is why I would like to take that route. Eventually (I'm thinking once all my kids are in school) I would like to move to a LPN to RN bridge program but I am certain now I need a hybrid program because I am not able to attend full time Monday thru Friday LPN or RN programs because I have my 3 kids during the week and my husband is only off evening and weekends. Right now I work 2 12 hour shifts on the weekends, and if I enrolled in this type of program with clinicals on the weekends I would still need to work part time evenings on the weekdays, which is why the online aspect is crucial. I really want to move up in my career, but our kids are still small and not all enrolled in school yet, we won't be able to afford day care especially on one income for all 3 of them, and even all the family we have near either must work themselves or live too far, we have left the kids a few hours with his mom a couple of times but, she can't watch them full time, she's over 70. Is there anyone out there that took this route and was successful? Does anyone know of any of these actual schools because I am reading a lot about them online but not coming across the actual schools?