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  1. No more lifting

    I have just experienced a pelvic prolapse, require surgery, also suffer from sciatica and have early stage kidney disease. I have been informed by my team of doctors that I will not be released to work if the position requires any lifting over 5 poun...
  2. LPN Anywhere?

    I am currently going to school for Nursing but the program is only for an Associates degree, I think I am going to just go straight for the BSN option even though it will take longer because we all know that's what is really needed. See, I have my CN...

    Hi, I think I read it's only the top 30 who score highest on the TEAS Exam- for the online program, are you applying?
  4. Should I take courses for LPN or Rn first?

    Well of course whatever path you choose to take has to be best for you, and I feel I relate to how you seem to be explaining your learning style so I will let you know what I'm doing because I'm taking it slow. First I applied and started working wit...
  5. CNA to LPN Hybrid Programs

    I am currently a CNA and I would like to take a hybrid LPN program starting next year because I have read online I may be able to do clinicals on the weekends and online classes during the week. The LPN programs seem to only take 10 months to a year ...