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    Is it all over?

    Hey everybody, I am going to get down to the point pretty quick and will try and be concise. I am an OR nurse and have been since graduating nursing school. I have recently just received an increase in my VA disability from 20% to 70% because of BOTH my shoulders. Needless to say nursing is hard on my body. I am young, 29 and can still work and have been promoted to a clinical shift supervisor I am well liked at my facility by the staff and MD's... The question: With my increase in disability rating I can apply through the VA to go back to school... But for what? I can't think if a masters prepared nursing specialty I would want to pursue... Maybe MSN-MBA.. BUT my wife and I are very nomadic at heart and travel nursing sounds like the life we want. But I don't want to miss the opportunity to obtain a masters for free.. So I was wondering if this community could give me some ideas to pursue for my masters. Ideally it would provide freedom to travel. Does something like this exist? Thanks.
  2. heartguy

    Is it all over?

    I have looked in to an online MSN/MBA program and am leaning in that direction but when I sit back.. I feel like there could be other viable options out there. Thanks for the comment!
  3. heartguy

    Is it all over?

    I think that's my hang up!! I know it's paid for so feel like I must pursue something! I have worked with procurement company here in Alaska and do tremendously respect their job! I will def investigate the opportunity. Thanks for the comment!
  4. heartguy

    Is it all over?

    Thank you for the reply, I do have certain limitations to my physical ability but I am not an invalid. I can preform the duties necessary to complete my job. I just won't be able to be doing this in 10-15 years without surgery etc. No matter what we decide we will be traveling come January 1st. I'm trying to set fourth a 5-10 year plan. Thank you for comment though.
  5. heartguy

    Moving to Anchorage from texas

    Hello! I am accepting a position at ANMC and was wondering what the base pay for a nurse II is? I am super excited to be joining the team over there and can not wait! I will be applying for my Alaska nursing license soon, any words of advice? Thanks.