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  1. Hi there, I received a similar response and after going back and forth with the admissions office I was told that none of the courses that I took during the Winter term would be used to calculate my AGPA. I took courses at athabasca and grant macewan. From what I understand, they would still meet the prerequisite requirements though.
  2. I didn't see a 2020 thread, thought I'd start one. I'll be finishing up my pre-requisites in April and hoping to hear back during the Summer. Has anyone been accepted? And if so, what was your AGPA? Thanks!
  3. s_hir

    University of Alberta - After degree program - Fall 2019

    Hi AutumnMaple, my AGPA is around the same and I'm wondering if you got in? I'm still completing the Anatomy pre-req so I don't anticipate hearing back until this Summer as well.
  4. Also, for those of you wanting to take extra courses to boost your GPA (like me), NURS 328 through Athabasca is equivalent to NURS 301 at the U of A. I contacted an adviser and was told that it would transfer, so one less course to take when we start!
  5. If you don't mind me asking natti760, what's your GPA in your last 8 courses? I'm trying to hit high 80's by taking a few extra ones just to be sure.
  6. Thanks for your insights alyembo. Is there some sort of study guide that tells you what to focus on, or are you expected to know everything within those 330-475 pages? How many hours a week do you dedicate to the course?
  7. I'm going to apply to York and U of C in the coming weeks. You?
  8. There is no lab component and U of A doesn't require one :)
  9. I work full time, so my only option is taking it online through Athabasca. I think it'll take me 2-3 months if I hunker down. Has anyone else taken BIOL 235? Any advice? Also, I've been browsing through some of the other posts here and keep seeing comments on the bleak job market for RN's. I know that new grad's often have difficulty getting full time lines, which would be the case for any entry level career. Any thoughts on this?
  10. She was wonderful, never had a class with Dr. *
  11. Nice! A & P is a 6 credit course through Athabasca which i'm not looking forward to. Yes, I did Med Mic at UBCO with ****** (I adore her!). Are you applying anywhere else?
  12. I have everything except anatomy which I'll be taking through Athabasca soon. I'm also taking a few extra courses to boost my GPA (4th year wasn't all that great GPA wise). How about you?
  13. I wonder if we were in any classes together! I'm in Edmonton, how about you?
  14. Microbiology and 2014. Can't believe it's already been 2 years!

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